2011 ACC/Big Ten Challenge: In Haiku



We’ve been in pretty heavy contemplation mode these last couple days. And we’re not ashamed to admit it’s taken us to some pretty dark places. But alas, we’ve seen some shade of light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel. Like many others before us, we’ve found it best to express ourselves through our writing, and better yet, our lines of poetry.

So instead of a conventional preview, we decided to look at each game in this year’s ACC/Big Ten challenge in the ancient Japanese form of haiku.

These poems are from us to you, hold them dear.

Miami at Purdue

Hummell from down town

Grant will put up a good fight

Boilermakers roll
Northwestern at Georgia Tech
Battle of the brains
Glen Rice Junior gets the stats
Shurna gets the win
Michigan at Virginia
Wolverines have hype
Virginia has Mike Scott
U of M will win
Illinois at Maryland
Illini who?
Rely on Meyers Leonard?
Stoglin is too good
Clemson at Iowa
Both teams have bad loss
Both teams lost to S.C. school
Clemson just because
Duke at Ohio State
Devils have great guards
Played better than expected
Sully punks Plumlees