ACC Power Rankings – Jan. 12, 2010

We polled all the Rafters bloggers to see who is looking good in the ACC this week. If you check this poll throughout the season, you’ll notice a certain consistency at the No. 1 position. It’s not our job to tout other teams who might have had a better week than Carolina, it’s our job to tell you why, week after week, UNC is the best team in the conference. If you know a reason why the Heels are No. 1, send it to us at

ACC play kicked off this week and it looks to be a typical conference season full of upsets and nail-biters. One of the hallmarks of the conference has to be the high level of play, and the fact that even at that high level, any team is capable of beating any other team on a given night. N.C. State beat a ranked Fla. State, while Wake Forest and Maryland had to settle things in OT. Oh yeah, Duke lost, too.

1. North Carolina (1-0) – Sitting pretty and undefeated in the ACC, UNC had a great character-building win on Sunday against Va. Tech. The rest of the week will be a bit tougher against Clemson (tonight) and Ga. Tech (Saturday), who are both ranked — albeit in very different places depending on who you ask. UNC won the battle on the court and the battle of style this week, with Roy Williams outdueling VT’s Seth Greenberg.

2. Georgia Tech (1-1) – Young team with tons of potential showed the at-the-time-Top-5 Dukies that experience isn’t everything. Tech held preseason conference player of the year Kyle Singler to 2-13 from the field and got some good production from everyone.

3. Wake Forest (2-1) – Wake can’t seem to end things in regulation, playing three of their last four game into OT. Thing is, they find a way to win if they make it to overtime, beating both Xavier and Richmond before Maryland last night. They lost to Miami in regulation in the midst of that stretch, but they’re feisty, and that gets them to No. 3.

4. Duke (1-1) – Kyle “Sloth” Singler camp up limp as he and the rest of the Goonies went down in ATL.

5. Virginia (1-0) – Finally got a good win. 

6. Clemson (1-1) – Beating BC was ho-hum. It’s going to take a awful lot for Clemson to impress us. And we don’t think that will happen tonight.

7. Maryland (1-1) – Beat Fla. State, but lost to Wake, and that win over FSU doesn’t look as good after the Seminoles went down to the Wolfpack.

8. Virginia Tech (0-1) – What can they say? They lost to the best team in the conference.

9. North Carolina State (1-2) – Yeah, they beat FSU, but it was by one point. To rise in this poll they’ll need some momentum.

10. Miami (1-1) – Losing to BC must still sting, but that win over Wake is starting to look better and better.

11. Boston College (1-1) – The maroon-headed step child remains in the basement of the league and goes to bed without supper for a second straight week. We don’t think Clemson is that good, so that one loss almost counts like two, right?

12. Florida State (1-2) – The biggest fall of the week comes to us from Tallahassee. Falling from No. 2 to No. 12 is no easy task but losses to both Maryland and N.C. State will put you here. Even if you’re technically ranked.