ACC Power Rankings – Jan. 28, 2010

We polled all the Rafters bloggers to see who is looking good in the ACC this week. If you check this poll throughout the season, you’ll notice a certain consistency at the No. 1 position. It’s not our job to tout other teams who might have had a better week than Carolina, it’s our job to tell you why, week after week, UNC is the best team in the conference. If you know a reason why the Heels are No. 1, send it to us at

These rankings are a day late and three teams short, but don’t judge.  You might be surprised to hear that the Tar Heels sit on top of the ACC for the fourth straight week! This week saw UNC fall out of the “national rankings,” but what do those guys know anyway? In light of that fact, we thought it’d be nice for some other teams who don’t get all that national attention to appear in some rankings of their own. So this week’s power rankings will seed the hottest teams in the ACC not ranked in the Top 25. Sorry, Duke, Clemson and Georgia Tech. These rankings are just too sexy for your, umm… ranking.

1) North Carolina (2-3) – After that convincing win against N.C. State, UNC is once again the hottest team in the conference. True, it’s only a one-game win streak, but we’re going to assume the same team that led that comeback in the second half is who shows up next game.

2) Maryland (4-1) – Maryland is a team we love to hate, but the fact is they are riding a nice streak right now.

3) Wake Forest (4-2) – Wake just knocked off previously unbeaten-in-conference Virginia, not to mention that game they played last week against a then-ranked opponent.

4) Virginia (3-1) – Take away that loss to Wake and this team is on top of the standings. They had won eight straight.

5) Boston College (3-4) – Much like the Heels, the Eagles are riding a one-game win streak, and they beat a ranked opponent. Out of the basement two weeks in a row.

6) Virginia Tech (2-2) – Only lost once since falling to the Heels, and it was to a then-ranked opponent, who so happens to be the next team on our list.

7) Florida State (3-3) – Truth is, there aren’t that many hot teams in the ACC. It might be a stretch to see any of these teams on someone else’s power rankings. FSU hasn’t really put together anything consistent, but gets here because they’ve managed to remain .500 in conference, a tough feat this year considering only four teams have winning records.

8 ) N.C. State (2-5) – Yeah, the Wolfpack has lost two in a row, but who can blame them for losing to UNC? They beat Duke, but the poor celebration didn’t get them any points — or any other Ws.

9) Miami (1-5) – After starting the season off well, Miami has only notched one league win, and that was only by one over Wake. Losing four in a row will get you down here, and it looks as if Miami might not be making any moves from this spot soon.