ACC Power Rankings – Jan. 6, 2010

We polled all the Rafters bloggers to see who is looking good in the ACC this week. If you check this poll throughout the season, you’ll notice a certain consistency at the No. 1 position. It’s not our job to tout other teams who might have had a better week than Carolina, it’s our job to tell you why, week after week, UNC is the best team in the conference.

In the inaugural edition of the ACC Power Rankings,  we have a couple of teams with a sizable advantage, being that they’ve already played a conference game. Or is that disadvantage? Feel free to discuss.

1. North Carolina (0-0) – The Heels might have dropped a game to College of Charleston, but their other losses are to the best of the best in the NCAA, with all three being to teams in the Top 5. The CoC loss also came without two starters (Marcus Ginyard and Will Graves), on the road, in overtime and after the Cougars had to hit a 3-pointer with two seconds left just to get to OT. Not too bad for a rebuilding year.

2. Florida State (1-0) – Already beat a conference foe, and to top it off, it was a ranked conference foe (Ga. Tech).

3. Duke (1-0) – You could say the same thing about the Dukies as you can about FSU, but as we’ve said before, a victory over Clemson is overrated. Plus they lost their only true road game of the season at Wisconsin, which we all know is the sole reason the ACC lost the Big 10/ACC challenge for the first time EVER. Way to go, Duke.

4. Wake Forest (1-0) – A pretty decisive win over N.C. State by this young team is a good sign.

5. Georgia Tech (0-1) – Gritted out their loss to a good FSU team. They are another really young squad who will only get better over the course of the season. We’re overlooking the rivalry loss to Georgia. 

6. Clemson (0-1) – Only this high because they’ve played an ACC game already. Still not sold on Clemson without their outside shooters from last year. As despicable as Terrence Oglesby was, he was still a pretty good, yet awkward shot. Trevor Booker is good, but he can’t carry them.

7. Virginia (0-0) – Nice wins over Cleveland State and UAB coupled with three losses by a combined nine points says this team is going to be frustrating for its fans. Those three losses (Penn State, Auburn and Stanford) are all to teams who are more or less evenly matched with Virginia. They also have a more lopsided loss to South Florida.  UVA might slide from this spot, but right now we’re going to give them a nod as a team whose “almost clicking.”

8. Virginia Tech (0-0) – Wins over Penn State and Seton Hall look OK, but are they good enough for a NCAA berth? Not so sure. 

9. Miami (0-1) – Losing to Boston College was miserable, but it was a one-point game on the road in conference. They can come back.

10. North Carolina State (0-1) – The Wolfpack has had some tough losses already this season, including a heartbreaker Sunday night against Florida and a two-point loss to Arizona. They do have a win over Marquette, but the losses to the dismal SEC and Pac – 10 tells us that things might not be looking up in Raleigh just yet.

11. Maryland (0-0) – That was a nice game against William & Mary, eh? I’m just elated the bar I was in would only play your pathetic excuse for a game while the Heels were destroying Albany. Have to admit though, seeing Greivis Vasquez go down is almost as much fun as imitating Jon Scheyer, which I did during many times during that night of drinking. UMD has also lost all the games they needed to win to make a statement pre-conference with their best win coming against a down-year Indiana squad.

12. Boston College (1-0) – Why rank a team who has actually won a conference game this low? Five reasons: St. Joseph’s, Northern Iowa, Harvard (AGAIN!), Rhode Island and Maine. And as one Rafters blogger put it, “they are just the maroon-headed step child of the ACC.”