ACC Power Rankings – LOST Edition!! – Feb. 2, 2010

We polled all the Rafters bloggers to see who is looking good in the ACC this week. If you check this poll throughout the season, you’ll notice a certain consistency at the No. 1 position. It’s not our job to tout other teams who might have had a better week than Carolina, it’s our job to tell you why, week after week, UNC is the best team in the conference. If you know a reason why the Heels are No. 1, send it to us at

This week, the Power Rankings take a wrong turn…………and get lost! OK, sorry had to do it. But we at the Rafters could not help but notice some certain consistencies among the the characters of the show “Lost” and the Atlantic Coast Conference teams, particularly at the No. 1 spot. So in honor of the premiere tonight, we bring you the Power Rankings a day early.

SPOILER ALERT. If you are haven’t seen the show we do reveal some stuff that is a secret early on in the series.

1. North Carolina (2-4) – Jack: We all know that UNC, much like Jack Shephard on the island, is the de facto leader of the conference. They’ve got skills, and he’s got his doctorate and a knack for saving lives. But there are times when even the most natural leader can go on a downward spiral. After Jack gets rescued from the island, he is happy for a while trying to start a life with Kate, but he falls into a spell of pill abuse and alcoholism, growing a bushy beard. After UNC won the 2009 National Championship, they were on cloud nine. They notched two wins against good teams in Michigan State and Ohio State, then plummeted to lose to Virginia at home by 15. Jack is trying to constantly deal with the high expectations set by his father, in UNC’s case Dean Smith.

2. Georgia Tech (4-3) – Sun: Sun was in a very unstable marriage at the time of the plane crash. She allowed her husband, Jin, to be overprotective and controlling. Last year GT was in turmoil, being “controlled” by its ACC foes. After some rebuilding of her marriage on the island, Sun becomes a pistol-wielding badass in the most recent season. After some rebuilding, GT has become something of an upstart badass as well.

3. Duke (5-2)– Locke: Traditionally Jack’s rival, Locke thinks it is his destiny to lead the island (ACC). It seems while on the island, things always seem to go Locke’s way, like the officiating in a Duke game. Locke fears leaving the island because in the real world he is crippled, much like Duke was crippled by Georgetown this past weekend.

4. Virginia (4-2) – Boone: We thought he was dead for several seasons, but he shows odd signs of life here and there. Rumor has it that he returns this season, which is honestly just annoying.

5. Maryland (4-2) – Ben: Pure evil. He’s also had his own rivalry with Locke, aside from Jack’s. Ben is a megalomaniac, ahem, Greivis Vasquez. He also thinks it’s his job to lead the island. Fear the smoke monster, Ben, not the turtle.

6. Virginia Tech (3-3) – Charles Widmore: A frustrated former leader of the Others (conference), Widmore is another one of those who thinks the island is rightfully his, though he just can’t seem to find it. Widmore desperately wants to kill Ben for some reason, as well as everyone else on the island, but his M.O. just seems to be failure.

7. Wake Forest (4-3) – Sayid: Sayid used to torture people for the Iraqi Republican Guard. Wake Forest similarly tortures people with their defense. And sometimes it takes a realllly long time. Like 3OTs in Roy’s first season.

8. Clemson (4-4) – Juliet: Juliet comes into Jack’s life (i.e. Dean Dome), gets toyed around with, and eventually discarded. We all know Jack is in love with Kate.

9. Florida State (4-3) – Hurley: Was lucky enough to be one of the Oceanic Six Seven teams to make it off the island last year and into the tourney, although they lost to Duke in the ACC tournament and had to enter the NCAA’s as an “at LARGE” bid. FSU is expected to perform about as usual this year, not blowing anyone’s minds but not underachieving badly, somewhat of a comic relief in this down year. If only the curse of the numbers will affect #42 Ryan Reid, as karma for his past abuse of UNC players.

10. Boston College (3-5) – Charlotte: The red(maroon)-head Charlotte shows up with a gun, commanding authority. In the same way BC came into the ACC several years ago, playing physical Big East ball that caught many teams off guard. Later in the show Charlotte dies a slow, painful, delusional death. Yeah, delusional.

11. N.C. State (2-5) – Sawyer: The quintessential con man, Sawyer is never as he seems. Is he Jack’s rival? Locke’s rival? One thing is certain, and that is he suffers from an inferiority complex to Jack.

12. Miami (2-5) – Shannon: Shannon depends on others for her success, much like Miami just needs its opponents to have a bad game. She sun tans, taking advantage of the island’s hot climate, while others work hard to maintain survival. She is stubborn and repeatedly insists that she will be rescued, though rescue never comes, and Shannon meets an untimely demise.