ACC Power Rankings – Uni-edition – Jan. 20, 2010

We polled all the Rafters bloggers to see who is looking good in the ACC this week. If you check this poll throughout the season, you’ll notice a certain consistency at the No. 1 position. It’s not our job to tout other teams who might have had a better week than Carolina, it’s our job to tell you why, week after week, UNC is the best team in the conference. If you know a reason why the Heels are No. 1, send it to us at

Our little disclaimer above takes a very literal turn this week, as yet again, the Heels are No. 1!

You might have been worried that we wouldn’t be able to justify it this time. Wrong. Have a little faith. You can still talk junk to Clemson, even after that 19-point drubbing. They wear purple and orange. Child, please. Here’s a web album of all the inferior unis that attempt to challenge Carolina in the conference.

1. North Carolina (1-2) – No one can touch the blue set on the road. This is easily the best uniform in the ACC, if not the country. The argyle up the side adds class, and somehow allows UNC to wear a color that could easily be used wrong with style. The white ones ain’t bad either, and then there’s the sick retros — all Jordan brand by the way. We could go on.

2. Florida State (2-2) – At first glance, you might thing FSU is rockin’ a boring, maroon set with white and gold stripes down the side. But look again, that’s a feather going the length of the jersey and onto the shorts. Nice touch.

3. Virginia (3-0) – UVa gets a little bump because of their record, but their unis ain’t hurtin. Pretty good meld of classic and contemporary design. For the amount of crap some teams put on uniforms now, this isn’t half bad.

4. Virginia Tech (1-2) – We love the “Hokies” on the front, even if it is just a castrated turkey, but really hate the not-as-nice-as-Texas’ orange.

5. Georgia Tech (3-2) – GT is here at No. 5 because they, too, are wearing throwbacks this year. Problem is, they don’t look that much different than their current jerseys. Not to mention these aren’t throwbacks to a championship team, they’re throwbacks to an Elite 8 team.

6. Wake Forest (2-2) – Lumped in here with Ga. Tech because, well, they wear the same colors, and they’re colors that remind us of an old lady in church.

7. Boston College (2-3) – BC climbs out of the basement of the rankings this week, not because they have sweet jerseys or a good record, but because there’s nothing to like or dislike about those unis.

8. N.C. State (1-3) – Now we get to the bottom feeders of the league. State lands at No. 8 because even their own fans dislike their court wear. As Rafters blogger Benn Wineka put it, they’re  “too bland to even be ‘classic.'”

9. Miami (1-4) – The ‘Canes have been losing and looking bad while doing it. They rock the epitome of useless stripes down the side of their uniforms. They should take note from their fellow Floridians FSU and accent those jerseys with something less cliche.

10. Clemson (3-2) – There’s so much potential to use a sweet paw print logo on Clemson’s sets, but instead they decide to waste it by wearing purple and orange. Let it sink in……………..purple…………..and orange.

11. Maryland (2-1) – Maryland is another with squandered potential. The yellow/black checker from the Maryland state flag could be so cool. It’s almost used well on the home whites, but Benn reminded us that their yellows are unforgivable.

12. Duke (3-1) – We’ve been waiting to put the Durhamites down here for a while, and this week’s theme provided the perfect opportunity. You remember when Duke had some pretty classic-looking jerseys and the rivalry match-ups with UNC just reeked of tradition?

Per usual, the Dukies decide to ruin everything. In homage to their “famed” Gothic architecture, they are wearing what looks like a circuit board on their backs this year. And for a while now, they’ve switched the white out of their away blues (like Grant Hill is wearing above) to black, and “accented” that with black shoes. Black shoes, guys, really? Guess they’ve come to embrace their role, which is of course,  pure evil.