Analysis of Roy’s Ties

So we all know Roy is plotting a way to revive this team, and we know he will figure something out. Let’s not forget last year’s team started 0-2 in the ACC. We’ll leave the strategy to him, but we’re going to give him that little extra “umph” and tell him what to wear around his neck to achieve victory.

After analyzing (Tie_Tracker_09_10) Roy’s neckware thus far in the season, here are the cold hard facts:

Tie Patterns

  1. When Roy wears a striped tie, UNC is 2-3 and the net margin of final score is 23 points less than opponents.
  2. When Roy wears a paisley tie, UNC is 3-1 and the net of final score has UNC outscoring opponents by 58.
  3. When wearing something else (dots or lines), Carolina is 2-0 and outscored opponents by a combined 35.

Ties By Color

  1. When wearing a Carolina blue and white tie, UNC is 3-2 , margin +17.
  2. Single color: 1-0 by 14 pts (Virginia Tech)
  3. Ties with gold in them: 2-0 by +58 pts
  4. Ties with navy or dark blue in them: 3-1, margin +58
  5. FedEx Kinko’s Colors: 0-1, margin -19


  1. In the solid black sling, UNC is 2-1 with a net margin of +12 points.
  2. In the blue-covered sling, UNC is 4-2 with a net margin of +91 points

Pocket Square

  1. When Roy wears a pocket square, UNC is 6-4, margin +61
  2. No pocket square: 6-2, margin +105


  1. Against the six power conferences, UNC is 2-4 when Roy wears a tie, and 2-2 when he was in the sling.
  2. In the ACC, UNC is 0-3 when Roy wears a striped tie!
  3. Outside the Power 6, UNC’s only loss came when Roy wore that stylish sweater vest and the NC logo white longsleeve — a pity.
  4. When Roy wears a “famous” tie — thus far the ’09 Championship tie and the ’08 Final Four tie — UNC is 0-2, margin -21 pts.
  5. When Roy wore that Carolina blue plaid shirt, the team was 2-0, with one of those wins being against Michigan State.
  6. When Roy wears a shirt with some kind of UNC logo on it, Carolina is 2-1 with points margin +50.


Well, no more stripes and no more “famous” ties for Ol’ Roy. And as you readers voted, please, please, please get rid of that FedEx Kinko’s tie.

Yes, in order to give Carolina the best chance to win, it appears Roy is going to have to seriously compromise his legendary fashion sense. The best combination appears to be wearing a solid gold tie with some kind of line or dot pattern, no pocket square and a blue plaid shirt.

Sorry, Roy, but the numbers don’t lie.