As if you needed a reason NOT to pull for Duke…

The esteemed N&O published an article today by Andrew Carter that stated UNC fans should pull for Duke against Florida State tonight, as it would give Carolina a better opportunity to win the ACC regular-season championship.

While this is an utterly ridiculous statement to most Carolina fans, it’s also wrong in the context of the Heels’ reaching their ultimate goal of the Final Four. Here’s why:

While it’s true, FSU holds the tie-breaker over beat UNC — and therefore has the ability to win the ACC regular season even if Carolina wins out — the Tar Heels are still ranked higher nationally and are more or less in line to garner a  No. 2 seed in March Madness.  But they have an outside chance at a No. 1.

Barring an unforeseen losing streak, Syracuse and Kentucky have No. 1s locked up, and thanks to Missouri tanking at Kansas State, if the tournament were seeded today, Duke would likely get the last No. 1 seed. Sorry for that butchered sentence. Anyway, the other No. 1, Michigan State, is in a precarious position as it must play Indiana on the road and then Ohio State in the last two games of the season.

If Duke or MSU loses, Kansas would presumably take the available 1-seed. And if MSU and Duke BOTH managed to lose? UNC would take that desired No. 1 mantle.

So not only should you be pulling against Duke out of pure, unadulterated hatred, but also because it’s best for Carolina’s NCAA Tournament hopes.

Of course, that’s assuming the Heels take care of business at Cameron.