Carolina Has Opportunity to Dethrone Devils

I was more excited for last night’s game between Maryland and Duke thanI’d ever been for a non-UNC basketball game. Honestly, I daydreamed about it during work.

As much as Greivis Vasquez makes me want to throw my TV, I was just waiting for he and the Terps to stick it to the Dookies and have their rude fans hurl insults that would make Ari Gold cringe.

And much to my delight, that all happened. Every last part of it. Vasquez hit essentially the game-winner and I distinctly heard chants of “F*** You, Scheyer.”

The best part of last night? The result put the Gothic Goonies in a tie with UMD for first place in the conference, and both teams have one game left on their schedules — Duke’s last contest is UNC. That means the Heels have the chance to save their season on Saturday by denying Duke the regular season conference title, assuming that Maryland beats Virginia.

What better way to cap an end-of-season win streak than crushing the hopes and dreams of your arch rival? The Heels haven’t exactly dominated in the past two games, but their gritty efforts will serve as good practice for playing Duke, which usually results in a gritty game anyway. They seem to be understanding team effort much better as well. John Henson pointed this out after the Miami game.

Playing in Cameron will be tough, but Greg Paulus will tell you it’s also tough to beat UNC when they’re hyped up for a game in Durham.  And adding the prospect of dethroning the devils has me (and likely the Tar Heels) daydreaming again already.