Coach K got an iPhone app; it’s lame

So, this is just terrible. Heard about this yesterday on ESPN Radio and almost lost it when I realized this wasn’t a joke.

If this isn’t the worst decision ever made by the Dook coach, I don’t know what is. I’m really hoping this was somehow his own idea. That he wanted to create an app that allows users to “learn” about different cultures like NYC, China, Durham and soon-to-be-added Spain and Chicago, not some developer looking to cash in on the name (notice the USA jersey creep that tries to show K was the reason for the USA’s recent gold medal, not, you know, the superior talent that started playing for the team again after years of 2nd tier NBA players). What’s worse than the underlying and weak message of cultural acceptance through basketball is just listening to K and his nasally voice give a hint in the video above:

“If your avatar has ‘hops,’ you can unlock a shortcut.”

Shortcut to what? What the hell does that mean? I have so many questions that I never want answered because that would mean I would have to play the game.

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