Dean Smith: 1931-2015


By now, you’ve probably heard about the passing of Dean Smith, the father of Carolina basketball. His efforts on the court and, more importantly, off the court are probably the reason you’re even reading this blog — the reason you love UNC. He inspired us to believe in doing things the right way, for the right reasons. By loving Carolina, we felt like we showed our support for that ethos, even from a distance.

He once told John Feinstein that, “You should never be proud of doing what’s right. You should just do what’s right.”

We don’t need the clicks, and certainly don’t want to capitalize on this loss, so we’ll point to the passer. Read the Feinstein piece above, and then hear what Roy Williams has to say here. If you need some more, try this Adam Lucas piece.

Thank you, Mr. Smith, for the memories and the lessons. You are already missed.