Duke Game Fan Insight

Well, now that it’s a new week and Carolina notched another win, two things are certain:

One, we can always count on State.

And two, my Duke-loss hangover is finally gone. I’m not the type that gets extremely mopey for a week after a Duke loss (it’s normally just a day, about as long as my usual hangover from other circumstances surrounding the game), but I just couldn’t get into writing about it. We’ll make sure and discuss the first game leading up to the next one.

Three-fourths of the Rafters bloggers made it out to Ventnor’s Sports Cafe in D.C. for the game, which if you haven’t taken in a game there, it’s pretty darn fun — blue cups included. You could call Ventnor’s a “UNC bar.” You could also call it a Syracuse bar, as we found out when we showed up, early for our game, right on time for theirs.

Anyway we found some time when not glued to the screen to ask some other Carolina fans about the game. You can listen below. Click on the Ramses (sorry they aren’t streaming!)

Josh, from Fayetteville, NC

Henry, from Wilmington, NC

Matt, from Chapel Hill, NC (woot woot)