Duke Plays Butler for the National Championship

Never was a tougher headline typed than the one you see above. As I began the word “Natio…….” my fingers literally gave pause. Is this really happening?

For the past six years or so, we’ve come to expect Duke to be highly ranked, but underachieve. This year was the third time – yes, third time – that Duke was a No. 1 seed since their last Final Four. They’ve also been a No. 2 seed twice since then, so when they received yet another favorable seeding and region, we could only expect them to fail again right? No, they actually lived up to their seeding this year, even looking like a championship contender at times.

Ouch. That was another one of those painful sentences to type. How did it come to this? I dream of that dark-haired, sinister man, grinning and dangling gold medals and basketball nets as he puppeteers the blue-clad menaces all over Indianapolis. I wake up screaming. And on another note, how is Brian Zoubek  getting double-digit rebounds?!

Needless to say, but I’ll be rooting for the under(Bull)dogs tonight. And it’s not because I want to see the latest version of Hoosiers play out for my enjoyment. It’s because my sanity has been questionable since the Final Four teams made official. C’mon Butler, I need this.