Finally, a suitable replacement for JJ Redick’s poetry

Although it’s been several years, it’s still fun to make fun of JJ Redick’s redickulous prose. But it’s beginning to become outdated. JJ isn’t quite as much of a joke he used to be as he is almost an asset to a very good NBA team. Almost, but still, the guy has value on a professional level. Maybe not as much value as a Tar Heel on the same team, but some value.

Last week we were blessed with another Dookie’s  creative “talents” – Kyle Singler’s.

While this video makes me not loathe him as much, a feature on ESPNU’s all-access of the Dook basketball team gives us all another reason to clown on the senior. Check out the video below.

Several quotes here:

“I got good at it.” The Rafters can think of many adjectives to describe this wall mural. Good is not in that list.

“The whole idea of this is God, basketball court up in the clouds, hoop dreams. Kind of a tribute to the team last year.” Not even a Carolina fan could have thought of such a horrible, demeaning tribute to put up in the Dook players lounge to commemorate a national championship. Thank you, Kyle Singler, for something so insulting, not even a Tar Heel could have thought of it.

So there it is ladies and gentlemen. JJ Redick’s poetry has now been replaced by Kyle Singler’s artistry. Commence insulting.