Friday Afternoon Reading

Here are some goodies for you:

  • Yesterday afternoon, UNC dropped in at No. 9 in the preseason USA Today/ESPN Coaches’ Poll. What’s surprising is ACC media voted UNC to finish third in the ACC, behind Duke and Va. Tech, and apparently Va. Tech is picked lower in the nationwide poll, at No. 23. Because that tid bit appeared in VT’s student newspaper, we’ll assume Seth Greenberg saw it and is already in his usual Selection Sunday mood. (pissy)
  • The Durham Herald-Sun tells us how Justin Knox arrived at UNC. Apparently Knox was looking to transfer before the Wear twins even left. He had not even entertained the idea he’d be donning Carolina blue this year.
  • ACC Sports Journal caught up with Roy Williams to chat about Harrison Barnes, last year’s down year, and expectations for this year. Roy compares Barnes to Tyler Hansbrough. Dude, are we going to be awesome this year?
  • The Carolina Basketball Museum must have stirred up a fuss in West Durham when it opened. There is now an official museum dedicated to flopping, floor-slapping and ….. I think the only word is Scheyer-facing.
  • Lastly and definitely leastly, is this story in USA Today on the Blue Devils. If your the masochistic type, you can read the text for gems like this:

” Last month in an interview with USA TODAY, when told Krzyzewski had compared some of his attributes to NBA star Chris Paul‘s, [Kyrie] Irving paused before saying: “There’s only one Kyrie Irving.””

Humble much? Douche. If you just like to laugh, I’ll save you the trouble of clicking through to the story, and you can just enjoy this masterpiece:

Pictured from Left: Special Seth, Sloth, The-obviously-better-than-Chris-Paul Kyrie Irving, and Eddie Murphy.