Friday Links

  • Big thanks to @TarHeelWire (Follow Friday, everyone!) for pointing out the stark, and I mean STARK, differences in two covers of the USA Today’s college hoops preview. Check out Harrison Barnes’ cover, and now Duke’s. If you did not previously know who these players were, which ones would seem more like freshmen in their picture? I thought so, too.
  • USA Today was full of good stuff. Here’s a special message that Nolan Smith received when he ordered something from Nordstrom. Apparently, Smith likes his online shopping, or something, but someone involved in shipping does not like him.
  • Sticking with the Devils, you probably saw they were voted No. 1 in the AP poll as well. But go here and vote against them!
  • UNC’s graduation rate among basketball and football players is much higher than the national average. And remarkably, UNC’s basketball graduation rate is higher than Duke’s.
  • Barnes and Bullock make Jeff Goodman’s list of freshman to watch.
  • Meet junior David Michael Dupont, who grew up a Duke fan and is now playing for UNC. Don’t worry, he converted his fandom.
  • Eerily similar position to be in this year compared to last year.
  • The twisted tandem of twitter and teenage college athletes.  Er.. and some in their 20s.
  • This video kind of brings a tear to your eye. She’ll be cursing Durham before you know it. Sniffle.

And lastly, in a nod to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, which the DC-based Rafters bloggers will be attending tomorrow, here is your moment of zen: Brian Wilson – The Real Kenny Powers.

(And if you need to know who Kenny Powers is, go here)