Game Preview: Boston College

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It’d be easy to say that Boston College is not that good. They really aren’t that good but it wouldn’t be fair to the Eagles to just throw that out there with no follow-up. At 1-5 in the ACC, BC has lost those games by a combined 28 points. Taking out their last game (and loss) against Virginia and that drops to four games by 14 points. That was a real roundabout way of saying Boston College has stayed in games yet has a record that does not reflect that. The team has yet to win a conference game at home and is heavily reliant on underclassmen. I don’t particularly like playing in Chestnut Hill and the NC State Wolfpack would agree that BC is a tough out at home. Let’s just hope there’s no State hangover.

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  • Ryan Anderson had a solid freshman year on campus and has kept up the pace during his second season. Anderson, who plays a big 6’8″, will probably see a lot of James Michael McAdoo offensively and defensively. He’s got great averages (16.4/9.1) and knows how to get to the free throw line (114 attempts). We’ll go ahead and say Anderson’s going to have a nice game.
  • For a team that doesn’t average 70 points per game it does have four double-digit scorers. Freshman guard Olivier Hanlan (he’s from Quebec, big surprise) can get buckets and also finds a way to the free throw line, shooting over 100 attempts on the year. Fellow freshman Joe Rahon runs point fairly well while contributing 10 points a game and sophomore Lonnie Jackson takes care of 3-point shooting, launching 155 this season and connecting on 41 percent of them.
  • This is another one of those rare games where UNC may actually be able to dominate down low. Other than Anderson, the only Eagles contributor with any height is seven-footer Dennis Cliffors, and he has two first names. Really though, Clifford doesn’t do much with his frame. About one block a game to go with points and rebounds that don’t register.

If North Carolina loses this game then we start to worry again. If we get beat it’s because BC decides to shoot lights out and the Tar Heels play like freshman. Now I’m worried.