Game Preview: Duke [YouTube Edition]

hansbrough indoor stadium

There are enough other previews and coverage of this game, including our our beaten to death podcast, that we don’t need to give you, like, statistics. We made this preview out of some of YouTube’s most popular UNC and Duke clips. We’ll decide who has the advantage in tonight’s match-up in the rivalry according to these videos.

 The Leattner UNC/Duke preview

One of the ultimate Dukies filmed a webcam-quality preview video for Fox Sports that was put up on the official Fox Sports YouTube page. It was published two days ago and at time of posting this has received only 34 views. That’s an L in our book.

Advantage: UNC

The Game-Winning Shots

Speaking of Christian Laettner, we have to bring up game winners. Obviously Duke has a pretty good buzzer beater from last year with Austin Rivers’ shot in the Dean Dome, but their most famous winner has to be “The Shot” against Kentucky. UNC has its own game-winner and this one launched the legacy of Michael Jordan. Sure UNC’s version wasn’t as time expired, but because it was for a national championship and that image of Jordan has become iconic, we’re including it. Also, Laettner totally stomped a dude earlier in that  UK game and should have been ejected.

Advantage: UNC

The Most-Viewed Clip

After a quick search for both “unc basketball” and “duke basketball” we chose the video with the most views that related directly to that search term. By that I mean we used the highest viewed video that either included game action or an organized team event. That type of thing. No endorsements or Hoop mixtapes or former players no longer wearing a collegiate uniform. The video that fit that description for UNC was Tyler Hansbrough’s dunk over 7’7″ Kenny George with over 3.4 million views. In Duke’s case it was the Rivers shot from last year with about 2.3 million. The UNC video is almost five years old while Duke’s is only a year. The Rivers shot will most likely surpass the Hansbrough dunk in view total, but seeing as how it’s an ESPN video from a nationally televised game and the Hansbrough vid is just some dude’s grab from a game that wasn’t even on ESPNU most likely, we think UNC deserves more credit. And that Kenny George head drop is classic.

Advantage: UNC

The Dunks of the Rivalry

Finding UNC dunks on Duke was easy. The reverse search gave inconclusive results. By that we mean none.

Advantage: UNC

The Stuff You Don’t Show Recruits

Sure that UNC video is unflattering, but if you have a whole video tribute comparing players to fainting goats I think that means you’ve built up quite a reputation.

Advantage: UNC

The Pure Entertainment Factor

I’ll admit Kyle Gets Buckets and its subsequent sequels are solid, but trick shots are a dime a dozen. And it only involves one player. The UNC pick-up game videos feature the majority of the team (and most of its best players) hitting the public courts and chopping it up with the regular people like us.

Advantage: UNC

The Harlem Shake

Considering the timing, we had to do this. These were the best videos we could find under “unc harlem shake” and “duke harlem shake.” Too many shirtless dudes and lack of creativity for Duke. Good setting, unique use of a trash bin lid and banana are nice touches for UNC.

Advantage: UNC

Surprise! UNC wins the YouTube preview.