Game Preview: Updating the “Ultimate UNC – Duke Rivalry Mix” Video

For all the videos and articles dissecting the UNC-Duke rivalry that exist , the above amateur video is one of the best. It has a solid history. Nice “hoop mixtape” feel to it. All things that make a great YouTube viewing and can initiate the uninformed or entertain fanboys such as ourselves.

In the age of constant refreshing, however, it has become dated. We’ve compiled a list of things we think should be added to the video to make it pop again.


If anything dates this video it’s the music. Juelz Santana is no longer relevant, at all. To say he was relevant in 2009 would be generous. To say he was ever relevant outside of the hip-hop community would be the highest compliment anyone has ever paid Juelz Santana. The greatest rivalry in sports deserves better.

How about the most timeless jam from the greatest sports movie of all time featuring four of the greatest MCs and Coolio ever assembled on one track? Burn, Coolio.

We submit “Hit ‘Em High (The Monstar’s Anthem)” by B-Real,  Coolio, Method Man, LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes for consideration:

Game Clips

The “Ultimate UNC-Duke Rivalry Mix” was posted to YouTube in January 2009, before either regular season game of the ’09 UNC championship year.  The most recent footage is of the Danny Green dunk on Greg Paulus at Cameron in March of 2008. That also means no game from Duke’s ’10 championship run were included. Obviously.

North Carolina is 4-6 in the match-up since the video premiered on YouTube. To show an unbiased view for once, we’ll concede that more clips may be from Duke.

Here’s the obligatory Austin Rivers clip. We’re not embedding that again.

We submit these clips for consideration:

The title of this video says it all. Bring new meaning to Zoubek’s “creampuffs”:

This dunk could make a cameo:

Our favorite tweeter, @NDotSmitty:

Miles Plumlee probably remembers this:

Also listed under “embarrassing” is this:

A new mash up might even feature an autotuned Coach K saying “Klub Cameron”:

How about a little action from Mr. McAdoo and Hairston:

Even we had forgotten about Kendall Marshall’s smoothness:

And to remind us all that we can contribute to the rivalry:

Duke Fans

There also should be a section dedicated to Duke fans. And not the vaunted, dedicated type they’ve been built up as under the Cameron Crazies moniker. We mean the impostors and cry babies (literally!) that crowd the dilapidated Cameron Hansbrough Indoor Stadium now. Even if these instances aren’t necessarily from a rivalry game, you know all of it is ratcheted up for Duke-UNC. Duke fans will like it because it’s them, UNC fans will like it because we know what it really means.

To represent the Duke douchebag we submit “Duke bro in YOLO hate” for consideration:

duke bro yolo hat

To epitomize the entitlement we suspect lives in all Duke fans (it’s in UNC fans too) we submit “Duke kid crying” for consideration:

duke kid crying gif

duke kid crying photo

To elaborate on the overblown nature and rudeness of the students (note how they drape themselves on media members) we submit “asshole Duke students/fans/Cameron Crazies and unimpressed John Henson” for consideration:

asshole duke fans students cameron crazies

UNC Fans

We do some cool stuff too.

We submit “Jump Around” for consideration:


Each school has their own way of celebrating a big win. We need video footage. As they say, “vids or it didn’t happen.”

On the UNC side, we submit “rushing Franklin Street” for consideration:

On the Duke side, we submit “burning benches (why would you burn your own shit?)” for consideration:

Hype Videos

Everyone loves a good “pump-up” and these kinds of things add to the general atmosphere.

For Duke we submit the traditional pre-game intro video for 2012-2013 for consideration:

For UNC we submit the mid-game “I am a Tar Heel” segment for consideration:

The Final Word

If nothing else we can at least rest easy knowing that the rivalry will be forever remembered by the universities’ greatest bard:


Go to Hell Dook!