Game Wrap-Up: Heels steal a win in Littlejohn

UNC 68, Clemson 59

Box Score

A win’s a win? Sure doesn’t feel that way. It seems like every game though is the newest frontrunner for Struggle Fest 2013. It’s not like we expected this to be anything but a knock-down, drag-out type of game, sometimes you just want to get some style points.


  • Remember when UNC fans were calling for Dexter Stickland’s head on a stake, Ned Stark-style? You do because there’s a good chance it was you. Dexter continues to be a model of consistency which feel weird typing. He added to his ACC-leading assist-to-TO ratio and matched a season high 16 points that included four #YOLO jumpers. He made like two or three of them too.
  • The Tar Heels were definitely not running at peak efficiency but Marcus Paige continues to play very well. He’s emerged as the scoring threat he was touted as and can take care of the ball. Even though P.J. Hairston had a slow start, Paige helped every starter reach double-digits in scoring. Would have liked more interior penetration but that you take what you can get in a game like that.
  • Even after that game we’re talking about consistency? Well we have to after Reggie Bullock showed everybody up. I believe it was Lauren Brownlow that said if she could she would put Reggie on her first team All-ACC if she could but his raw numbers don’t really reflect that status. We agree with her assessment and it’s hard not to after he put up 12 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals and 0 turnovers. I think Reggie is vital to this team’s success. #analysis
  • We have to point out the bad things because this game had lots. North Carolina only made it to the free throw line 15 times, hitting just 8. That probably goes along with not being able to attack the basket due to Clemson’s solid D. Still though, should have been better. The Heels were also out-rebounded 30-39. Pitiful. And that late game surge by Clemson to bring the final deficit to nine? Frustrating as hell.
  • You should read about this elevator ride.
  • Of course we want Duke to lose every game it ever plays. Of course. Last night’s game in Charlottesville was no exception. Only problem is, was it good for Carolina? With the win Virginia kept pace with UNC at 10-5 in the ACC, tied for third. State is one game behind at 9-6 in fifth. To get that much-wanted first round bye in the ACC tournament, UNC must finish in the top four. The Duke loss leaves open the possibility of UNC and Duke tying for second place in the ACC if UNC wins out and Duke drops their last three games. More realistically, however, it just means UNC cannot slip-up against Florida State, at Maryland or vs Duke where UVA and State have much more forgiving schedules to close the year.


  • Player of the Game: Reggie Bullock (12 pts, 9 rebs, 6 asts, 3 stls, 0 TOs) Got to.
  • We just retyped something we already typed so we’re stopping.