Hubert Davis: Alumnus of the Year

On College Game Day this morning, let it be known that Hubert Davis, UNC Class of 1992, picked the Tar Heels to beat Duke while seated at half court of Hansbrough Cameron Indoor Stadium. While all the other commentators chose favored Duke, Mr. Davis exemplified the true spirit of the greatest rivalry in sports, and picked his alma mater. His colleague, Bobby Knight, then proposed that he receive the “alumni of the year award,” and so we are justly giving it to Mr. Davis. This is not the first time Mr. Davis has upheld his loyalty to the University of North Carolina, as evidenced in the hidden-camera video below. It is not a commercial like some might think.

Although, Jay, you are normally a voice of reason and valuable insight, today is different. Eat it, Bilas. And so for Mr. Davis’ body of work as a full-bore Carolina supporter, even in the face of the Cameron Crazies, he shall be presented with this most prestigious award. The dozens, nay, hundreds of people who will see this will surely understand the humongous honor.

Congratulate yourself, Hubert Davis. You are The Rafters’ Alumnus of the Year.