It’s Got To Be The Shoes – UNC Men’s Basketball Team Shoes Pt. II

About a month and a half ago I ran a post on the shoes UNC basketball players had worn up to that point in the season. That was only through the first two games of the season, plus the exhibition game. In the time since, the Heels have rolled out a bevy of new styles and changed up their footwear choices.

First off, a quick guide to the shoes that have been worn this season by at least one Tar Heel:

Jumpman Hallowed Ground

Jumpman Ol’ School III

Jordan 16.5

Jordan 2.5

Jordan 2009

Jordan 12

Jordan 12.5

Nike Hyperize

Nike Hyperdunk

Now the players:

Larry Drew II: Larry has kept it simple and worn the Jordan 2.5 all season. The 2.5 was a big shoe last season and has carried over for Larry this season.

Marcus Ginyard: I was surprised when Marcus broke the mold and went outside the Jordan or Jumpman brands and decided to wear the Nike Hyperize. The Hyperize is being worn by about every college team outfitted by Nike as it comes in a wide selection of colors, but the Carolina blue colorway has only been seen one other place to my knowledge.

David Wear: I was not able to find photographic evidence of David’s shoes from the beginning of the season, but I am 95 percent sure it was the Jumpman Pro. David was one of the first, however, the wear the Jordan 16.5 during the Heels MSG outing. David continued wearing the 16.5 for several games, but during the last four has worn the Jordan Ol’ School III, including his first collegiate start against Marshall and last night’s game against Rutgers.

Deon Thompson: So far, Deon has been rotating three shoes. He began the season in the Jumpman Pro, which was a holdover from last season although he did not wear it during the National Championship game[he wore the Jordan 2.5]. He then switched over to the Jumpman Hallowed Ground for games against Gardner-Webb, Nevada and Kentucky before wearing the Jumpman Ol’ School III at Cowboys Stadium against Texas. Deon reverted to the Jumpman Hallowed Ground for the Marshall game but then broke out the Jordan 16.5 last night.

Ed Davis: Ed has swtiched his flavor up a couple times throughout the short season. In the exhibition and opener he was seen in the Jumpman Pro but brought out the Jordan 2009 for the bright lights at MSG. This seems to be a trend as for games against Kentucky and Texas, Easy Ed also wore the more flashy Jordan 2009s. I may be looking too far into the importance of the game and correlation of the shoe because the 2009 does have more blue in it which would go better with the away uniforms that the team has also worn for each of those games. For games with Presbyterian, Marshall and Rutgers, Ed was back in the Jumpman Pro. I thought Ed had worn the Jordan 16.5 before but I have no evidence of that.

Dexter Strickland: Even though he is only a freshman, Dexter has not been shy to take advantage of the shoe situation. Early in the season Dexter was wearing the Jumpman Hallowed Ground but by Gardner-Webb was onto the Jordan 16.5. Following Marcus’ footsteps, Dexter bucked the trend hard and wore the Nike Hyperdunk in games against Nevada and Michigan State, further confusing at least me when the colorway was navy and white, not a bit of Carolina blue in it. At Kentucky he was back to the Jordan 16.5 before switching to the Jordan 12 “Rising Sun” colorway for games with Texas, Marshall and Rutgers. I think I remember someone calling that earlier this season.

John Henson: Sticking with freshman, John Henson hasn’t had quite as much variety as his counterpart but did offer a surprise as of late. This whole season John has been sporting the Jumpman Hallowed Ground, which we have photos from NCCU and Texas, though I can promise he was wearing them throughout. For Marshall and last night’s Rutgers game he brought out the Nike Hyperize in the same colorway that Marcus wears.

Will Graves: Mr. Graves stumped me with his shoe choice for the beginning of the season. Against FIU through Valpo, Will was wearing some member of the Jumpman or Jordan brand that I can’t figure out. Will and Ed must talk about their shoes because in the games that Ed has worn the 2009s – MSG, Kentucky, Texas – Will has also worn them. Again it may have something to do with the uniforms though. Otherwise, Will has somewhat settled on the Jumpman Hallowed Grounds as his go-to as he has worn them against Gardner-Webb, Marshall and Rutgers.

Tyler Zeller: Tyler, who wore the Jumpman Pro for most of last year, has switched between the Jumpman Ol’ School III and Jordan 16.5 this season. Early in the season Z was sporting the Jumpman Ol’ School III, like he did here against FIU and NCCU. Otherwise from about Gardner-Webb onward he has been wearing the Jordan 16.5, including against KentuckyMarshall and last night.

Travis Wear: Travis was spotted sporting the Jumpman Ol’ School III in the exhibition against Belmont Abbey but has since switched to the Jumpman Pro which he’s worn in most game this season, including, NCCU, Gardner-Webb and Rutgers.

Justin Watts: For most of this season Justin had been rocking the Jumpman Hallowed Ground. Last night against Rutgers, however, Justin was the first Tar Heel to wear the Jordan 12.5 out on the court. Nice change up.

Leslie McDonald: All season Leslie has worn the Jumpman Ol’  School. Here he is against NCCU, Presbyterian, Texas,  Marshall and Rutgers. Here he is doing the Danny Green in pregame.

Marc Campbell: When Campbell has been in the game he’s been seen in the Jordan 2.5.

Terrence Petree: Last but not least, Mr. Petree who was spotted in the Jumpman Pro.

Check out the whole gallery here.