It’s Got To Be The Shoes – UNC Men’s Basketball Team Shoes Pt. III

If you missed the mid-season review of the kicks the team was wearing, check here. But the other day a new Jordan Brand silhouette popped up on the internets and reminded me that I hadn’t finished the rest of the season’s shoe sightings. See, the new Jordan shoe is nostalgically referred to as the “Carmichael,” and since UNC has a penchant for wearing Jordan Brand footwear I’ve deduced that we’ll probably be spotting this shoe next year in a nice Carolina blue colorway.

Anyways, enough about possible shoes for next season. Let’s run back through last season’s games, picking up with the match against Albany. Before we do though, here are the shoes that were seen on the court this past season:

Jumpman Hallowed Ground

Jumpman Ol’ School III

Jordan 16.5

Jordan 2.5

Jordan 2009

Jordan 12

Jordan 12.5

Jordan 2010

Jordan 10

Jumpman Icons

Nike Hyperize

Nike Hyperdunk

Nike Kobe IV

Now the players:

Larry Drew II: Larry continued to sport the Jordan 2.5 for the Albany, College of Charleston and Virginia Tech games, but switched to the Jordan 16.5 from the Clemson game on through the rest of the season, and magic NIT run. With the exception being the Florida State game, Jordan Brand 25th Anniversary in which he wore the silver Jordan 2010.

Marcus Ginyard: Marcus had bucked the UNC trend early in the season by wearing the Nike Hyperize, which he continued to do through the Dook home game, seen here. After that he went with the Jordan 12Rising Sunwhich some other players had already been wearing.

David Wear: The freshman changed up his footwear several times early in the season and continued to do so for the later half. For Albany and College of Charleston he was still in the Jumpman Ol’ School III. Starting with Clemson he went with the Jordan 12 until the NC State home game when he started wearing the Jumpman Icons before going down for the season.

Deon Thompson: Deon definitely took advantage of the shoe situation, as it was never a given what he’d be wearing. For Albany he showed up in the Jordan 16.5, which he also wore at C of C. Against Va. Tech and Clemson he showed up with a colorway of the Kobe IV that I don’t believe has surfaced anywhere else, although it is similar to the Minneapolis Lakers colorway that did come out. For Ga. Tech and Wake he was back in the Hallowed Ground before switching back to the Kobe IV for NC StateVirginiaVa. Tech and the 2nd half against Dook at home. Yep, the 2nd half. Deon wore the Jordan 12 in the first half. Back in the Kobe IV for NC StateGa. Tech and Boston College. Number 21 took part in the 25th Anniversary schtick but was back with Kobe against Wake. For the first time of the season, the Jordan 10 made an appearance on Senior Night and stayed for Dook before being replaced by the Hallowed Ground and Kobe IV for the postseason.

Ed Davis: Easy Ed also switched up his flow a couple times before his season ended. He wore the Jumpman Pro for AlbanyC of CVa. TechClemsonGa. Tech, and NC State. Against Virginia it was the Jordan 16.5 but the Pro was back for the 2nd Va. Tech outing, Maryland and Dook.

Dexter Strickland: Maybe the person that most changed shoes, Dexter was wearing the Jordan 12 for Albany, C of C, Va. Tech, Clemson, Ga. Tech and Wake. The Hallowed Ground made a reappearance for NC StateVirginia and Va. Tech. Up in the snow at Maryland, Dex tried to camouflage his feet with the Jordan 12 and he wore it again against Dook. NC State brought out the Icons, as did Ga. Tech, Wake, Miami, Dook, Ga. Tech, Mississippi State, Rhode Island and Dayton. In the NIT though, Dex did wear the Jordan 12 against W&M and the Jordan 16.5 against UAB. And, of course, Dex took part in celebration Jordan.

John Henson: Although John did surprise me with his Hyperize choice, he settled into a couple shoes he wore for the rest of the season. Against Albany, C of C, Va. Tech, Clemson, Ga. Tech and Wake. The Hallowed Grounds came out against NC State, Virginia, Va. Tech, Dook, NC State, Ga. Tech, Boston College, Wake, Miami, Dook, Ga. Tech and the run to the NIT final. John wore the silver Jordan 2010s as well.

Will Graves: I rescind my previous statement that Dexter wore the most shoes. Will was all over the place. Against Va. Tech he was wearing those Jordan/Jumpmans that I don’t know the model, which he also wore against Clemson, Ga. Tech and Wake. Then the Jumpman Pro was out for NC State and the 2nd half of Virginia. The first half saw the Jordan 16.5. The first half at Va. Tech had the Jumpman Pro while the 2nd half had the mysterious Jordan. It was the Jumpman Pro again for Dook at home, NC State and Ga. Tech. BC was the no name shoe and FSU got the Jordan 16.5, as did Wake, MiamiDook, Ga. Tech, W&M, Mississippi State, UAB, Rhode Island and Dayton.

Tyler Zeller: Tyler was one of the ones that picked a shoe and stuck with it. Z wore the Jordan 16.5 against Albany, C of C and Va. Tech. Upon his return against FSU, Tyler picked up the Jumpman Icons and didn’t look back for the rest of the short season.

Travis Wear: Travis also had a short rotation of shoes. For Albany and C of C he wore the Jumpman Pro before switching to the Jordan 12 for Va. Tech, Clemson, Ga. Tech, WakeNC State and Virginia. At Va. Tech T-Wear brought the Jumpman Pro out but was in the Jumpman Icons against Wake and for the remainder of the season and postseason.

Leslie McDonald: Like some of his freshman teammates, Leslie was quick to change up the shoes. Against Albany and C of C he was in the Jumpman Ol’ School III. He switched to the Jordan 12 for Va. Tech, Clemson, Ga. TechWake and NC State before a brief return to the Ol’ School III. Starting with the home game with NC State, Leslie balled in the Jumpman Icons until FSU when he went on a streak of several games in the silver Jordan 2010. After the ACC tourny he stayed with the Jumpman Icons until the NIT weekend in MSG where he wore the Jordan 12.

Justin Watts: Didn’t get as much PT after the ACC season started, but was in the Jordan 16.5 for C of C, Jumpman Hallowed Ground for Wake and Virginia, and the 16.5 against Mississippi State and Rhode Island.

Marc Campbell rocked the Jordan 2.5, James Gallagher had the Jumpman Icons, Thomas Thornton was about the Jumpman Hallowed Ground and Terrenece Petree wore both the Jordan 16.5 and Jumpman Icons.

Ah, there it goes. The wrap-up of the 2009-2010 UNC Men’s Basketball shoes. For the whole gallery, look here.