Krafty Kyle Singler’s Kountry Kraft Korner

Ah, to be a visual arts major at Dook University. On top of being a basketball player at the same institution, it must be a pretty easy academic life. Or so one would have thought. We’ve already shown what Kyle can do with a paint brush in his free time, but what about his classes?

Here’s a look into his ARTSVIS 54 class which would have been during his fall semester sophomore year.

This one most cleverly titled, “Pop Rocket.” Krafty Kyle wanted to “keep the integrity of the can” and formed it into the shape of a rocket, curling other cans to be smoke.

I’ve seen other instances where art has been made out of soft drink cans. At the flea market.

Above came out of a mapping exercise. If you look in the details, you can tell that like most Dook students, Krafty Kyle has a very skewed concept of the world, and considers Dook University as a mirror image of New York/New Jersey.

The last project sees Kyle producing a video of art around Dook’s campus and in Cameron Indoor. After listening to the music though, I think he should reconsider his major and become a DJ.

Peep it here because I can’t embed.

We get even more of Kyle’s kraft from a Sequential Art class.

Could Krafty Kyle be the next Alan Moore?

Unfortunately not. And if you can’t see the comic well, it’s ok. The bull beats a bear in a race. And they never even fight. Why wouldn’t you have a bear and a bull fight? His concepts are flawed.

We also get this beautiful face sequencing.

This must have been done on the team bus because I can’t tell what’s going on here. Pretty sure the face has a bunch of scars on it and get’s blown up. Flawed concepts.

That’s it that we have out of Krafty Kyle, but we were blessed with Lance Thomas also having taken the sequential art class with Krafty Kyle. Here’s a taste of Lance.

See it all unfold here.

Props to Jack Gallagher (@yackogallagher) on the heads up.