Major Linkage

We’ll try to keep you updated with all the interesting articles about UNC basketball that come along in segments like this. Here’s what’s happening in the Heels Hoops world:

  1. It may not be legitimate, but the Tar Heels got a first place vote in the preseason ACC media poll yesterday. Hey, we’ll take it any way we can get it. In a surprise to no one, Harrison Barnes was voted preseason conference rookie of the year. Flash ’em that smile, Harrison.
  2. In the end, the Heels finished third in the voting, behind Duke and Virginia Tech. This is a pretty high ranking considering the Heels’ performance last year, but the entire league, with the exception of VT and Dook is pretty young. So if the entire league is young, why not UNC?
  3. TarHeelBlue has some audio interviews with LD, Dex, Big Z and Henson.
  4. Sticking with THB, here’s an article on grad student transfer Justin Knox.
  5. The News & Observer’s J.P. Giglio tells us about the players in the ACC not named Harrison Barnes, C.J. Leslie or Kyrie Irving. In other words, the veterans.
  6. We usually stick to the men’s team at The Rafters, but this is a great story about Jessica Breland of the Lady Heels. She’s playing for UNC this year after coming back from a battle with cancer last year.
  7. The Fayetteville Observer tackles the preseason rankings.