NC for ACC!

You might have noticed that – much like many of UNC’s players – the ACC power rankings are “out indefinitely.” After Saturday’s showing in Boston, this is probably a good thing.

Young players tend not to be able to close games, and that’s been the case for the Heels all season, so we won’t get into that too much. What we do have to mention, is that now there is no possibility of finishing .500 in conference play, even if Roy’s boys put it together and win the rest of their games. Now before you get your Joe Trapanis in a wad, relax, UNC still has one shot at making the big dance.

Winning the ACC tournament.

It might seem far-fetched, but should the Heels get hot it’s very possible. The best teams in the conference right now are Duke (11-2), Maryland (9-3), Virginia Tech (8-4) and Wake Forest (8-5). No, I didn’t studder when I said Va. Tech. Weird, I know.  Depending on where UNC finishes, those are the teams Carolina is most likely to face in the first rounds of the tournament, and they’re all beatable.

Maryland isn’t very good on the road, having only beaten BC, NC State and Florida State in conference road games. All of those wins are against teams in the lower half of the ACC. Given UNC is in the lower half as well, Greensboro Coliseum will be just like home for the Tar Heels. Advantage Carolina.

Wake has also struggled on the road, and hasn’t played well of late, losing to NC State on Saturday. Their inconsistency this late in the season is a sign they might be fading.

UNC has already beaten Virginia Tech once, and after losing to the Hokies will have a chip on their shoulder to beat them again

And we know Carolina is ALWAYS capable of beating Duke. Always.

Those teams are likely who will advance and make up the later rounds of the tournament as well. It is not insane to think that if UNC’s turnover problem gets resolved, and some key players are healthy, the Heels can take over the tourney.

At this point, it’s Greensboro or bust.