New blog on the block: Blue vs. Blue

A couple summers ago I had the pleasure to intern at a magazine here in Chapel Hill and was lucky that I wasn’t completely surrounded by print journalism vets that outaged me by 30 years. It was here that I met Zeke Smith, an associate editor – I believe that was his title – and photographer that helped the time pass over mutual adoration of all things Carolina and hip-hop. Zeke also photographed UNC sporting events and I’m sure you’re aware of some of his more popular work.

While, Zeke, a UNC grad, is currently residing in jolly olde England, he and his brother, a Dook grad have joined forces to create a one stop-shop for both sides of the rivalry spectrum. Everything on the site is well written and as all Carolina fans know, even if you hate it, you have to know almost as  much about Dook as you do the Heels. It’s sickening in that way.

So take a minute to check in on the happenings over at BvB, it’s worth the time you’re already wasting at work.