Poll Position: Heels hold steady

In the latest installment of our semi-regular post on the meaningless Top 25 polls (see: whenever I feel like spouting off a couple of graphs about the rankings), UNC holds steady at No. 8 in the Coaches Poll, while jumping up a spot to No. 7 in the AP.

Seems about right. The teams ranked above Carolina that lost this week still maintain a better overall record than the Heels, so they weren’t punished too harshly. Also of note, the Murray State Racers stayed below Carolina despite their undefeated record. That makes sense, too. Even though Murray State is unblemished, do you really think they could take on the Heels? Neither do the Coaches or AP voters.

The only team that seemed to split the two polls’ voters was Duke, who ranked in above UNC in the Coaches at No. 6 and below them at No. 8 in the AP. I typically agree with the Coaches Poll more-so than the AP and, unfortunately, I’m going to have to do the same again this week. While I think in the head-to-head match-up the Heels will prove they are better than the Devils, right now Duke’s 3-point loss looks a lot better than UNC’s 33-point loss to the same team. Advantage Devils.

Where I disagree with the Coaches is in not ranking Florida State. FSU just missed out of the Top 25 this week in the Coaches but made the AP Poll. Who should have gotten the ax? How about Michigan? Michigan is still ranked in both polls and I’m not sure why. The Wolverines have lost three of their last six games, including one to Iowa and one to Arkansas, and needed OT to beat Northwestern in Ann Arbor. In that same time span FSU has defeated two Top 5 teams, one on the road in a notoriously hostile environment. It’s time for the ACC to welcome it’s fourth ranked member and kick the overrated Wolverines to the curb.