Poll Position: Heels move up

UNC moves up to No. 6 in the Coaches and No. 5 in the AP Poll.

At this point in the season, the poll voters have settled down, making it tougher to move up without a resounding Top 10 win or somehow otherwise impressive performance. As long as UNC takes care of business against lesser ACC teams, it will need losses by higher up teams in order to move up. The Heels can help their ranking by beating Duke, which would potentially put them back in the Top 5 in both polls.

Duke being ranked above Baylor and UNC in the Coaches Poll is ridiculous. There are some voters who must not have seen them play. The Blue Devils have a great record (actually the exact same record as Carolina), but haven’t looked very convincing in some close wins and aren’t that good defensively, as their game against FSU showed. The AP voters must have been watching the Heels’ last few games because they gave UNC a huge bump to No. 5, and that must be based on the recent play of the frontcourt trio of Barnes, Zeller and Henson. That is all.