Poll Position: Heels up to No. 3

Not much to complain about or argue in the poll this week — at least as far as UNC’s ranking goes. The teams above Carolina that lost – err-hem – Duke – went down and the Heels moved up.

If I’m Baylor though, I’m wondering where the respect is. Syracuse is sitting at No. 1 behind an undefeated record, with its best wins being close, home victories over Florida and Marquette. Baylor is undefeated and has some comprable wins – Mississippi State, West Virginia (who just handily beat Georgetown) and the surprising San Diego State. No. 4 is nothing to sneeze at, but based purely on body of work, they’ve done as much as the Orange. You’ll notice that the two teams in between them, however – Kentucky and UNC – pass the eye test. And yeah, I think they’d both beat Baylor. Guess I’m OK with those ranks then.