Poll Position: UNC holds at No. 6 in Coaches, Drops to No. 4 in AP

Poll Results

For the second straight week, UNC came in at No. 6 in the Coaches Poll.

This is all well and good, considering that the teams above them are the same teams that were above them last week. Even though both Kentucky (hahahaha) and Ohio State lost in the past week, they both only harbor one loss on their respective records. With UNC’s two losses, their defeats don’t merit a drop below Carolina.

However, Duke remained above the Heels even after it came close to collapsing against Washington, while UNC gritted out a win against a tough Long Beach State team. Long Beach State and Washington are closely ranked on Kenpom.com and have similar records, so perhaps that’s why Duke stayed where it did. But it’s important to note that as far as results from the schedule its played, UNC is slated five spots higher than Duke in those same ratings. While it makes sense that UNC stayed put, I stand by last week’s logic that it should be ranked above Duke, pretty much for the exact same reasons as last week.

Inexplicably, UNC dropped a spot in the AP poll, being narrowly edged by Louisville by one point. While the AP poll has more voters and is generally a bit more fluid than the Coaches, it’s ridiculous that some voters feel Louisville is a better team than UNC. UL’s best win is against a struggling Vandy team in OT. Yes, UL is undefeated, but they don’t have any great wins to show for it. Murray State is also undefeated (with a win over Memphis to boot); should it also be ranked above Carolina? Lots of people will argue that Louisville is without some key players due to injury, making its record more impressive, but the fact is that this UL team has not shown enough to be considered Top 5, while Carolina has more impressive wins and an arguably impressive one-point loss to Kentucky on the road. Call it bias, but give me UNC over Louisville 10 times out of 10.