PPP: John Henson

Henson has to be one of the most pestering characters in college hoops. It was his long, gangly arms that sealed the NCAA games against Washington and those same arms pulled down better than 10 rebounds per game and swatted an astonishing 3.2 shots per. If only he didn’t have the waist of a wasp and could bulk up a bit more, not that he’s getting bullied around in the lane. Henson will attempt to add some offense on top of his already respectable 11.7 a game average. When you’re the reigning ACC defensive POY, you don’t really have to.
Benn: Teams will shoot worse when Henson is on the floor. That’s how that goes. We need Henson to shoot better. His abysmal 47 percent from the charity stripe kept him out of close games late, giving opposing teams an easier route to the basket and the Heels one less option down low on offense. That should be fixed some with the addition of McAdoo, but you’re going to want the defensive POY on the floor late if you have him.

Sam: His free throws were a liability at times last year. I’m hopeful that gets turned around though because he did show some promise from the stripe a few times near the end of the season, he just began it so poorly. Henson hit 8-10 against Long Island in the Big Dance, which is the best possible place to go 8-10. Enough about about free throws though, Henson is one of the most disruptive players in the NCAA. Yeah, he gets a lot of blocks, but the number of shots he alters is probably his greatest asset. No one can seem to keep their regular shooting form against The Big Smile. If they do, he just swats it.