Pre-Wake Forest vs. UNC Team Banter

So scanning over twitter this afternoon it appeared some of the team was in pretty good spirits before the matchup against Wake Forest tonight. John Henson, Larry Drew II, Dexter Strickland and Terrence Petree had some friendly banter flying at each other and another friend of theirs. Let’s hope that translates to the court.  Some highlights:

@johnhenson31 OOOOOO!!!!! Lol RT @drewskywoosky: @LDrew2 oh you got jokes… wit yo @tpetree hair line

@drewskywoosky @mynameisjwatts@mynameisgq @johnhenson31 here go a pic a pic of @eddavis32 and @LDrew2

@tpetree (Made me take a break 4rm eatin w/dat tweet. Who wanna get fried?) — RT @drewskywoosky: @LDrew2 oh you got jokes…wit yo @tpetree hairline

@LDrew2: here go @drewskywoosky in his bday suit

@johnhenson31 Hahah dayumm he just sonned youRT @LDrew2: here go @drewskywoosky in his bday suit

@dstrick01 lol yo this is @drewskywoosky after he works out hahaha

@tpetree Its over 4 @drewskywoosky early LOL throw in the towel son son…………..

@johnhenson31 RT @drewskywoosky @LDrew2 @DStrick01 and @tpetree

@johnhenson31 no candies for youu, no cookies for you….fat man.lmao

@tpetreeLMAO @ the fact I was bout 2 use that same pic @DStrick01 and I found it when I searched “fat black man” on google 4 pics of @drewskywoosky

@johnhenson31 this what dexter be lookin like in practice when coach be yellin at him…..