Preseason Player Profile: James Michael McAdoo

McAdoo is the highest rated prospect in this year’s freshman class. Some scouts have predicted a one-and-done year from James Michael, who was MVP of the McDonald’s All-American game this spring. Naturally, the similarities are being drawn between him, Marvin Williams and Ed Davis. Both Williams and Davis were highly touted freshman big men for national championship teams who were typically the first man off the bench. McAdoo could be the sixth man this year as well. McAdoo’s uncle, Bob, is a famous Tar Heel himself, and is perhaps known even better for his NBA exploits.

Sam: I hope McAdoo comes in the clutch some time this season because I really want to type something to the effect of a “new Big Game James.” Of course this James will never replace the original, James Worthy, but I’d be happy to call him that for at least a season. McAdoo will bring some much needed depth to the frontcourt at the 4/5 spot. Last year we had Watts stepping in at the 4 against guys that were usually at least four inches taller than him. I would not want to play against UNC’s front line this year if I were a college basketball player. As soon as one 5-star recruit takes a breather, another comes back in.

Benn: One look at McAdoo and you can see why he’ll make an instant impact. Most freshman look like freshman. McAdoo looks like a grown ass man. Between that and the fact that McAdoo was mentally prepared to graduate high school early so he could enroll at UNC and join the team last season to add a body to a depleted bench says a lot. Don’t expect those first-year growing pains many go through. McAdoo is physically and mentally ready to step in.