Preseason Player Profile: Justin Watts

Justin Watts is just that dude. The senior from Durham has done nothing but work since day one on campus and all he has to show for it is a 2009 national champion ring. Watts was in a peculiar position last season being thrust into the 4 due to the sudden lack of front court depth after the Wear twins departed. Honestly, Watts did damn good for only being 6’5″. With the class of freshman this year we may see Watts shift back to a more natural 3.

Benn: I mostly wonder how much PT Watts will get this season. He’s proven to be an energy guy off the bench but with three freshman 6’7″ or taller, two more at the guard position and Harrison Barnes and a healthy Bullock at the 3, it’s difficult to see that 9.2 minute per game average growing. More likely we’ll see it drop.

Sam: I think Watts will see the floor about the same amount of time this year. I agree that if anything, the minutes could drop, but Roy loves his seniors and a great energy guy like Watts will help pull the team out of slumps. I mean, the guy can practically leap out of the gym. Zeller isn’t known to be the most vocal player, so maybe this is the year Watts steps up to be a leader? David Noel, anyone?