Preseason Player Profile: Reggie Bullock

We didn’t get to see a full season from Bullock as a freshman. What we did see though was promising. Remember that 16 points in 10 minutes off the bench in the first half against Clemson? Yeah you do. It’s almost easy to forget about Bullock because of the company he came in with, but the kid can play. With his knee back at full strength, Bullock is poised to surprise a lot of people this winter. Plus his birthday is March 16th, right in between both editors’ birthdays (March 15th and 17th). We like to think he completes some weird trio of amigos.


Benn: Bullock is first and foremost a scorer, but his game is more well-rounded than that. At 6’7″ he has the height to create a mismatch at the guard position. At times last season he was quick to settle for the outside shot when he should have exploited his physical advantage. That could also be chalked up to freshman nerves and a bum knee though. Against UNC-P he did dish out 5 assists though. I hope that develops a little further.


Sam:  He had that big half against Clemson and then two weeks later had 16 points against Boston College. After that Reggie seemed to be out of sync down the stretch. We forget that before he was out for the season, he played a few games with a nagging knee injury. Now that he’s healthy — and matured — we can expect a little more out of Bullock. He’s said in interviews that he was a little skittish as a freshman. The battle for minutes is going to be awesome between he and P.J. Hairston. Neither player seemingly has a lock on spelling Dexter Strickland.