Preseason Player Profile: Stilman White

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this post incorrectly spelled Stilman White’s name as “Stillman.”

Stilman was a late addition to the Heels this past spring, and there’s no mistaking that after the departure of Larry Drew II, he’s the Kendall Marshall Insurance Policy that Roy needed. With only Dexter Strickland capable of running the offense besides Marshall, one injury at PG had the potential of derailing a whole season. I’m not knocking, White. He’s a capable player and even guided the Heels to an offensive outburst in the exhibition against UNC-Pembroke. I’m just putting into context that he’s been recruited as a backup — who will give some depth to the position for the next six years! White will take his Mormon mission next year, and won’t return to the Heels until the 2014-’15 season. It’s actually kind of genius by Ol’ Roy. White will take off for his mission at the same time that a more highly recruited point guard, Marcus Paige, comes in. Paige will presumably learn the ropes under Marshall’s tutelage, then take over in 2014, right when his back-up returns from his Mormon mission.

White seemingly gets along famously with Kendall Marshall, that is if you follow the two’s Twitter feeds. Anything he can soak up from Marshall will be a great asset for those times White gets to play this year. He’ll most likely see some Blue Team duties, and could be something of a crowd favorite. He is from Wilmington, after all. Here’s some wishful thinking: What if White plays on a national champion this year, and then after returning, plays for another title team, assuming Roy keeps up his “contend every three or four years” pattern?