Preview: I Forsee an Icy BC

Forgive me on the headline. Boston is expected to get a few feet of snow today though, so I couldn’t help myself. But enough of that foolishness. Got to squeeze in the preview today whist having little time to do so. Onward.

For a short time, Boston College was tops in the conference last month, starting out with a 3-0 record, but since that time, they’ve gone 1-3 and are now middling around with the likes of Virginia Tech and Maryland. This BC team is a bit of an enigma. It managed to lose to Harvard for the third straight year, but beat Maryland on the road and Texas A&M on a neutral floor. It’s reeling from two straight losses to Florida State and Duke on the road, however, so expect the Eagles to be hungry for a win on their home floor.

  • Despite Carolina’s penchant for allowing lead guards to go off on any given night, it appears BC’s Steve Donahue is contemplating not starting Reggie Jackson(right), the second-highest scorer in the ACC. Donahue’s questions surround Jackson’s defense, which is apparently lackluster. Despite the fact he might not start, however, Jackson will eventually make his way into the game, and he will need to be dealt with. Jackson likes to shoot the trey and dish it to his teammates. Henson’s blocking ability might not be a factor against him, so the guards will need to step up on D. Hopefully the assignment will fall to Dexter Strickland, who I just love in any match-up.
  • Donahue’s teams in the Ivy League (Cornell) have always been great on the defensive end. In the link above he offered some doubts about this Eagles squad. The Heels should work the ball for their best shot, possibly going deep into the shot clock in order to find the defense out of position. If this BC team isn’t great defensively, it would work to Carolina’s advantage to make to lull them to sleep on long defensive possessions. Carolina doesn’t run the fast break as often this year, so hopefully this will come naturally.
  • John Henson has been working on his free throws. Let’s hope he can stay in the game late tonight. I have this bad feeling that the game will be close.
  • As usual, the Heels have the hight advantage. The emergence of Harrison Barnes should hopefully take pressure away from Henson and Zeller and free them up for some easy twos. 6’8″ Joe Trapani and Cortney Dunn are the second-tallest members of BC’s team so Barnes and Reggie Bullock should be looking to crash the boards when they’re in the game and continue Carolina’s dominance on the glass.
  • Tyrese Rice is FINALLY GONE!!

All the numbers say that Carolina should win this game even though its on the road against a league foe. That being said, this could be tricky game mentally for the Heels, who might be focusing more on looming match-ups with Florida State and Duke. Add that to the fact they’re coming off the heels (pun intended) of a blow-out of N.C. State and that spells t-r-a-p. Still going with UNC on this one, but it’s gonna be close.

Prediction: UNC 76, BC 74