Preview: UNC at NC State

Since the last meeting between the two “rivals,” State has gone 3-3 with wins coming over unranked teams and losses coming against ranked opponents.  At least they won the ones they were supposed to. UNC has gone 6-1 since the last matchup.

I’m sure many of you watched the collapse against Duke last Thursday, and I hope UNC takes it out on them tonight. #justsayin

  • C.J. Leslie has usurped the lead scorers position from Scott Wood by a massive three tenths of a point. He also holds strong as the second leading rebounder on the team with six a game. (Sorry, don’t know what it is about State but we really don’t mean to be backhanded when we talk about them.)
  • Speaking of Wood, he’s scoring about two less points per since the teams last met. Hey, wha’ happened?
  • We don’t want to knock State too much because if they do beat UNC tonight in Raleigh we’ll feel like asses. We said it last go round but Lorenzo Brown is a good player. He averages 6.5 assists to go with 12 points. A point guard that can score and dish. Not bad.
  • State also has two other players scoring 11 or more points a game. The 74 points a game as a team ain’t half bad. If only there was more help down low for State besides just Richard Howell. Sorry, Jordan Vandenberg just isn’t cutting it.
  • Here’s how State ranks nationally: Points per game: 52nd; Rebounds per game: 49th; Assists per Game: 10th; Field Goal Percentage: 72nd
  • Here’s how UNC ranks nationally: Points per game: 2nd; Rebounds per game: 1st; Assists per Game: 4th; Field Goal Percentage: 63rd. That FG percentage just keeps going down.

Prediction: UNC 85, State 70