Round-up: Roy’s on the recruiting trail

Hitting the trail: Roy Williams was out in Nevada to check out the No. 3 recruit ( in the class of 2012, SG Shabazz Muhammad. Apparently Roy was the only head coach on the scene when Muhammad put up 28 points Monday night, though there were some other schools’ assistants. Muhammad has 20 scholarship offers. He took an unofficial recruiting trip to Chapel Hill to watch UNC take down Kentucky two weeks ago. Hopefully that bodes well for Carolina.

More recruiting: Another recruit paid an unofficial visit to UNC when the Heels took on Long Beach State, the No. 32 ( ranked player in 2012, Omar Calhoun. The 6’4″ guard said the players told him Roy Williams is “a player’s coach.” I’d like the sound of that if I were a recruit.

While we’re on it: Here’s a look at UNC’s current recruiting board. From the class of 2012, Marcus Paige has also visited Chapel Hill.

From the Vault: The ACC recently launched The ACC Vault, where you can view some archived games including when UNC upset No. 1 Duke in 1998 – though the Heels were damn good that year – and the Duke game in 1994 when Duke was No. 1 and UNC No. 2 (UNC wins). Unfortunately there are lots of instances of teams beating UNC in there as well. Guess it comes with the territory. Starting with this year’s Duke game, the footage will be indexed with bookmarks so you could theoretically search the video for “dunk in first half” and find all the dunks and watch them. Pretty cool stuff.

Don’t bet on it: Apparently people who like to bet – stop looking at me – don’t like to bet on Carolina. UNC is near the bottom of this ACC power poll. They must base it on free-throw percentage.

Whip out your Christmas list: Another book on UNC basketball, “What it means to be a Tar Heel,” is out now and includes a foreword written by Roy Williams. The book, by Charlotte Observer columnist and UNC alumnus Scott Fowler, is the result of Fowler rounding up 42 former players and asking them for their take on the book’s title. Could be pretty cool. A book version of Jerseys in the Rafters?

The kid’s alright: In case you wanted to hear one more person’s take on why Harrison Barnes will still be a top player in college basketball, here it is. Possibly, slightly interesting fact about Barnes – he met up with his high school friend after the Evansville game. His friend plays baseball for the Purple Aces.