Roy Williams Tie Tracker: South Carolina

One thing all UNC fans have come to know, love and expect of Roy Williams is his fashionable selection of ties, most often courtesy of Chapel Hill outfitter Alexander Julian. The same man who put the argyle on the side of the basketball uniform is still turning heads with what he’s putting around Ol’ Roy’s neck. So, here at The Rafters we decided to pay homage to the best accessory in college hoops, if not the entire sporting world, and document every tie Roy Williams wears this season.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! There’s no good photos of Roy from last night. Any super sleuthers that DVRed the game want to get a great screenshot for us?

We’ll repay you handsomely with a gratuitous name drop.

If not, we have to live with this and an incomplete listing.

It just makes us sad.

Here are this year’s stats:

Media Day – Pink tie with blue flowers and green dots, white shirt and pinstriped suit.

Late Night with Roy – Carolina blue tie with red and white diagonal stripes, pink shirt and white pocket square.

Exhibition, UNC-Pembroke, W 100-58 – Purple and teal square pattern tie with lavender shirt and patterned coat.

Michigan State, W 67-55 – No tie, blue polo, khaki pullover and combat boots with UNC-Carrier Classic logo.

UNC-Asheville, W 91-75 – Orange tie with yellow pattern, blue shirt and blue pocket square.

Mississippi Valley State, W 101-75 – Yellow tie with orange, purple, blue and green pattern, white pocket square, grey pinstriped suit and Eve Carson lapel pin.

Tennessee State, W 102-69 – Carolina blue tie with red and white diagonal stripes and white pocket square.

South Carolina, W 87-62 – ?

(Photos via AP, InsideCarolina)