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    Roy Williams Tie Tracker: Robert Morris 

    One thing all UNC fans have come to know, love and expect of Roy Williams is his fashionable selection of ties, most often courtesy of Chapel Hill outfitter Alexander Julian. The same man who put the argyle on the side of the basketball uniform is still turning heads with what he’s putting around Ol’ Roy’s neck. So, here at The Rafters we decided to pay homage to the best accessory in college hoops, if not the entire sporting world, and document every Roy Williams tie this season.

    roy williams tie unc robert morris 2

    We’d be fine if Roy wore the dinner jacket for every game.

    roy williams tie unc robert morris

    The Tie Breakdown:

    NCCU, W 76-60 – Light blue tie, no pocket square, white shirt, pinstriped suit.

    Robert Morris, W 103-59 – Light blue tie with diamond pattern, white pocket square, white shirt, dinner jacket.


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    Roy Williams Tie Tracker: NCCU 

    One thing all UNC fans have come to know, love and expect of Roy Williams is his fashionable selection of ties, most often courtesy of Chapel Hill outfitter Alexander Julian. The same man who put the argyle on the side of the basketball uniform is still turning heads with what he’s putting around Ol’ Roy’s neck. So, here at The Rafters we decided to pay homage to the best accessory in college hoops, if not the entire sporting world, and document every Roy Williams tie this season.

    roy williams tie nccu

    Coach kept it simple with a light blue tie. Slight texture but nothing of note. We’ve seen this guy before. Nice suit though.

    roy williams tie nccu 2

    The Tie Breakdown:

    NCCU, W 76-60 – Light blue tie, no pocket square, white shirt, pinstriped suit.

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    2013 UNC Basketball End-of-Season Review 

    UNC Team

    Sam: Time to recount an interesting, if uneventful, season in Carolina hoops. The theme of this year, for me anyway, was “meeting expectations.” The Heels seemingly did that time and time again. They never really performed below what we were expecting from them at the beginning of the year, but they also never really outperformed our expectations to pull off some resume wins.  If this season were made into a movie, it would be a really boring ass movie.

    Benn: Would it? Sure, now that we’re stepping back and looking at it the season didn’t quite have the highs and lows of past years, but think about it as it progressed.

    We went into the year with high expectations and a lofty preseason ranking. Got exposed by a Butler team in Maui causing early season trepidation. Regained confidence in the nonconference before being blown out by a Texas team without its best player, starting the NIT train. The Heels built up some trust going into the ACC docket with a solid win vs. a UNLV team we expected would finish the season better, then immediately found themselves in an 0-2 conference hole with losses to teams who proved to be viable competitors, but at the time we didn’t realize it.

    This is where Carolina fans became delusional in one of two ways. It was either the Tar Heels were not even going to make the CBI because Ol’ Roy had lost it and UNC couldn’t get the talent it was once used to, or North Carolina was going to begin in improbable run to a NCAA championship because we all remember the last time UNC was 0-2 in ACC play they won it all in 2009.

    Roy and the Tar Heels would level off at this point (although you can make the argument they never peaked or dipped at all through the year) meaning you were stuck in one of your two ridiculous opinions for a couple weeks. That is until that fateful night in Cameron Indoor when small ball became a thing. Yes, Duke won, but P.J. Hairston was now starting! And Roy did something different! Now ushered in the weeks of undeserved arrogance. We all felt great and the new-look Heels seemed unstoppable — until the second Duke game.

    At that point I would agree that most Carolina fans finally decided that the season was mediocre by UNC standards and that it wasn’t all that bad but it definitely could have been better. But think of all the lows and highs we did feel, as false as they ultimately were. You say this would be a boring ass movie, I say it would be one of those shallow thrillers that get re-run on TNT for eternity. You’ll always turn it on but you don’t mind walking away.

    Sam: You’re right. In the moment, the season was a volatile stock market of ups and downs. After some tough losses, notably Texas, everyone was selling on UNC. UNLV happened and everyone wanted in on the action. Twice they even pulled the roller coaster act on us in the span of one game, the first Duke game and the Kansas game. In fact, those two games could almost serve as microcosms of the whole season. Unlocked potential and amazing ability paired to give us hope for something we didn’t think was possible, but ultimately the Heels fell a bit short of greatness.

    Those up-and-down emotions all related to the game results, but while we’re in reflective mode, I’d also like to comment on the likeability of this team. Despite some frustrating play, I really enjoyed watching them. We were able to watch Marcus Paige get incrementally better every game. We saw P.J. go from a bench player who couldn’t hit the broad side of barn as a freshman to a dominant force and leading scorer. We saw glimpses of the future in Brice Johnson’s touch around the basket. 

    I have to feel a little bad for James Michael McAdoo, who was expected to be “the guy” this year. We found out that he wasn’t quite ready to be the focal point, but as P.J. emerged, even JMM improved in finding a better role and becoming much more efficient. Instead of those 9 for 21 nights, he was converting more like 7 of 10 by the end.

    Benn: Funny how media and press (I’ll include us in this generalization) put these unreal expectations on a player like JMM in the preseason based off a couple games where he could play with no abandon on a stacked team and then get disappointed and feel sympathetic toward him when he doesn’t produce. We of course realized this around early in the season but by then it was too late. Luckily it seems like it hasn’t affected him much.

    But I kind of wish it had.

    This is a likable team, I agree with you there. But it’s likable because some of these youngin’s have been showing actual emotion on the court. Save #JMMFace it was a rare occasion when JMM looked like more than a lamb. That’s why P.J. is so fun to watch. He’s got that Rashad McCants factor about him. Marcus is vocal as well. That was my only gripe with Reggie. He’d get into the action, throw some hand signs up, but was pretty reserved. I’m still going to miss Reggie, but reservations were similar to what kept me from becoming more enamored with Harrison Barnes. The lack of emoting doesn’t mean they don’t care or aren’t passionate, but it takes more convincing at times. 

    Sam: Since the departure of Tyler Hansbrough, we’ve definitely seen a lack of emotion on the court for the Heels. I’m not quite sure how to feel about it. In the case of Hansbrough, who was the de facto leader of the team for several years, it was a great asset in how he could inspire his teammates. When Barnes was in Chapel Hill, a definite void existed when the arguably best player was more reserved. Plenty of articles were written about the very topic of “Who will emerge as a leader” for that 2012 team. Luckily for that them, Kendall Marshall’s adept facilitating ability covered up for a lack of leadership. It didn’t matter if someone was playing with emotion or not because he was going to get them the ball in the right spot.

    This year, the catalyst was, without question, P.J. When he came off the bench early in the year, he provided an instant spark. Then after the much-ballyhooed move into the starting lineup he emerged as UNC’s best offensive threat. It’s exciting that he’s coming back next year. It could be a special season for him. 

    If Vegas took wagers on such a thing, I’d bet that P.J. will be the leader of next year’s team, regardless of whether the Heels snag Andrew Wiggins, who would likely be the best all-around player. Knowing that we have a leader already in the clubhouse is a nice feeling. We haven’t had that since the days of Psycho T. In 2010 it was supposed to be who? Marcus Ginyard? In 2011 the general consensus might have been freshman Harrison Barnes, junior Tyler Zeller or, gasp, junior Larry Drew? In both 2012 and 2013 the very question of who the leader would be was a hot topic for comment sections and bloggers alike. I want to get out in front and declare that this year, finally, we have one, and it’s P.J. Hairston.

    Benn: Log that under things I would not have said in 2012. I like how that should set up the rest of the team as well.

    We already mentioned that taking some of that leadership role off Marcus Paige was a good thing this year, and having P.J. still around to handle the heavy lifting scoring wise in the backcourt means Marcus can focus on facilitating for others and letting the game come to him. There’s going to be a glut of PG talent the next couple years with sophomore Marcus, frosh Nate Britt, possible 3x Mr. Basketball for the state of Florida Joel Berry in the 2014 class and the possible return of Stilman White in 2014 with three years of eligibility left, not to mention Luke Davis still chilling on the sideline. What happens this year between Britt and Marcus will be interesting. It’s crazy that I feel so confident with ball handlers even after losing the nation’s leading assist:TO guy (yeah, Dexter Strickland finished tops in the country in that category). 

    The 2 is PJ and Leslie McDonald. We know what PJ can do and will be leaning hard on him. Leslie was good for a couple double-digit outings last season, and we’ll need him to do that again as a spark off the bench. I mean, I guess these guys are both the “2,” right? Who’s the 3 left on the team now with Reggie gone? J.P. Tokoto seems to be the only “fit” at the role unless Roy moves PJ to the “3.” But then who does that leave as the starting 2?

    I’m not ruling JP’s development out as a player yet but I’m also not comfortable handing the starting role over to him either. You could maybe argue that what Jackson Simmons did last year at times could get him into the token 3 spot as the hustle defender Roy likes to start. This is where we could do a whole schtick about how Andrew “Ender” Wiggins is the perfect fit for this UNC team for this exact reason. We’ll save that for later but seriously, everything on this team is built for an athletic wing who can score. You have an inside presence and solid backcourt. A player with a high skill set could do serious work/damage here, that player just doesn’t seem to be on the roster right now. We don’t fault Reggie for leaving, but man he could have had fun in 2013-2014.

    Down in the front court the Heels are all the sudden stacked again, at least on the number of bodies, not that we’re complaining. JMM is back, so is Desmond Hubert, Joel James, Brice Johnson and Simmons. Add two McDonald’s All-Americans to that with Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy “Sean May 2.0” Meeks, who are both expected to contribute immediately, and that’s a lot of big frames. Hicks could be the answer at the 3 with his Brandan Wright/John Henson/Brice Johnson frame but if scouting reports are to be believed he needs to improve his jump shot first, although his defense is apparently already there. I’d expect a possible JMM/Meeks starting line-up which sounds just wonderful right now. Who knows who elevates himself in practice though to get that 5 spot opposite McMug.

    All I know is bench squad is going to be deep this year. #BENCHSQUAD

    But seriously, who’s the fifth starter after a presumed Paige/Hairston/McAdoo/Meeks line-up? Or am I just off the mark here?

    Sam: Well, ideally it’s Wiggins, but he’s the longshot, so let’s work with what we know. Given Roy’s (sometimes frustrating) loyalty to upperclassmen, I think P.J. moves to the three, and Leslie McDonald starts at the two. Leslie’s game is kind of one-dimensional, but as a spot-up shooter he’s pretty good. He even had some great defensive spurts at times last year.

    And say P.J. does play small forward, do we really think he would play like a small forward? P.J. was third in made 3-pointers in the ACC last year PLAYING POWER FORWARD. Dude will get his shots.

    I think you’re on to something saying Meeks will get the nod. All the scouting reports say he’s a traditional back-to-the-basket center, and we know Roy loves him some traditional back-to-the-basket centers. But I’m going to throw another hat in the ring – Joel James. James is something of a project, but really, he’s one “go-to” move away from being a nice player. He’s really athletic for his size, which is considerable, and if he were a threat on offense it would open up things wonderfully for the Heels. Plus, all that stuff about Roy loving his veterans.

    Given that Desmond Hubert got every chance he could have hoped for to earn a starting spot last year, I think he’s missed his opportunity and Roy will be looking for something new. My final starters go like this: 1) Paige 2) McDonald 3) Hairston 4) McMug 5) James.

    First guy off the bench? Brice Johnson.

    Benn: I could see Leslie getting the start, as well as Joel. At this point it is totally plausible. Brice coming off the bench with his Antawn Jamison-like quick shot would be the offensive spark that Leslie used to occupy and provides a quick sub for Joel in that scenario. It also keeps the freshman trio of Meeks, Hicks and Britt together as a second unit. For them to be practicing together as a squad and coming off the bench together could be huge for chemistry and would limit the fall-off production-wise from first to second team.

    As for Desmond, I think he’s just destined to be Byron Saunders 2.0. He’s a talented big body that works hard in practice – which is obviously great for players like Meeks and James – and gets between 0-6 minutes a game as a purely defensive stopper. Of course, Byron has a ring to show for it. One can dream…

    My biggest hope is that this team figures itself out earlier than 2012-2013. The constant shuffling was nerve-wracking and at times entertaining, but it did make me pine for those seasons where Roy just essentially plugged and played with the same starters and subs.

    Is it too early to be talking about preseason predictions?

    I’m a bit worried about those completely unnecessary preseason polls that come out the day after the NCAA Final. I will say though that this year’s preseason spots are more earned than last. ESPN’s Jason King has UNC at 11, Dickie V at 10, SI’s Luke Winn has the Heels at 9 in his power rankings and Seth Davis said they were 15 (pre McAdoo draft decision). Because you hate going into the season with too high of expectations I personally like Davis’ spot, close to where they were heading into 2012-2013 but with games to back it up.

    I will say, however, that I EXPECT them to make it out of the first weekend of the 2014 tournament whereas this year I was on record saying I would have been ecstatic had they made it.

    Sweet 16?

    Sam: That would mean winning only one more tourney game than this season, so I think reaching the Sweet 16 is definitely a reasonable expectation. With potential big jumps coming from Paige and Hairston, and a more natural role for McAdoo, I think we can think even bigger — like Elite Eight?

    To make the Elite Eight, the Heels would likely have to beat a No. 1 or No. 2 seed (or actually be a No. 1 or No. 2 seed themselves).  Given that scenario, I’m not ready to declare Elite Eight yet, but depending on how the sophomores progress — namely Paige, James and Johnson — we could get our hopes up this November.

    And if Wiggins signs, then it’s Jerry World or bust.


    P.J. hanging 29 pts on UVA in 29 minutes with 7 boards at a critical time in the Heels’ schedule.

    Keeping it real on the bench – Joel James:

    Fandom – Inspired prank by UNC fan putting fight song in every hymnal in Duke Chapel:

    unc fight song in duke hymnal


    The best game can be a loss.


    BEST .GIFs

    Joel James and J.P. Tokoto doing what they do best.

    joel james bench jp tokoto gif


    P.J. is a bad man.

    pj hairston dunk

    The mis-labeled “UNC Crying/Sad Fan” is really just giving the stank face. Either way, gold.

    unc stank face crying fan

    NC State came through and their fans gave us some NC State Sheeet for the ages.

    unhelpful nc state fan gif


    Miami helps out with our last one.

    miami floor slaps duke




    DukeGameFlowChart (1)


    You know we love Twitter. Look for the best tweets later this week.

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      The sport which is amazing, is not it? Thanks admin.

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    Game Preview: NC State 

    nc state logo shirt



    Much like that shirt above, things are just different this year. N.C. State is still somehow miraculously in better shape to make the tourney than the Tar Heels. And for the first time in ages, the second matchup of the season for these schools will have serious March implications.

    For the Wolfpack, it’s the last quality game on their regular-season schedule. After the match-up in Chapel Hill on Saturday, State has tilts against BC, @Georgia Tech, Wake and @FSU remaining. While we all know that Wake Forest is no cakewalk for the Pack, it’s a pretty fluffy run  to finish the season.  But that fluffiness also robs them of chances for resume wins, and taking a loss in that stretch would certainly hurt their profile.

    For the Heels, tomorrow is one of a few chances left to grab a key victory they desperately need – and probably one their best chances. The Wolfpack has struggled on the road, and with the best games remaining for UNC being @Maryland and when Duke comes to town March 9, tomorrow is nearing must-win territory. We’re big bracketology haters early in the season, but about this time of year is when that stuff matters, and most experts seem to think what’s hurting UNC’s profile is a lack of good wins.

    • N.C. State has lost four of its past five games away from Raleigh, including the aforementioned trip to Winston-Salem. That one win came at Clemson, when Scott Wood hit a buzzer-beating three to seal the deal. Not exactly a great track record. Getting a W at Maryland is certainly doable, and you can never discount the Heels against Duke at home, but this is a great chance for the Heels to take better control of their own destiny — not to mention start a new winning streak.
    • Photo: dumb loooking unhelpful nc state fan moving
    • With the small lineup, P.J. Hairston will draw C.J. Leslie in an epic battle of abbreviated given names. P.J. seems to think he can handle this, however, according to the N and O’s Andrew Carter, who was at the presser Friday: Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 2.53.48 PM
    • Fun Fact: Hairston played the 4 his senior year of high school. Twitter knows all!
    • Which version of the Heels shows up? This year has been a Jekyll and Hyde type season. Even the Hyde Heels, however, have been able to beat the Georgia Techs and Wake Forests of the world. It’s when you cross that line to the N.C. States and Virginias and above that we really need the Jekyll Heels to come to play. If UNC hits its first three, 3-pointers, that’s a good sign.


    What to do, what to do. Reverse jinx? Seems like a win-win. If State wins then my prediction is correct, but if UNC wins, well, obviously my reverse jinx did its magic. Nah, that’s taking the coward’s way out. I know how much this game means to Roy, and I know how bad the Pack plays on the road. I’m going Heels, baby.

    UNC 84, N.C. State 76


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    Maui Invitational – We couldn’t have been more wrong Part 2 

    We detailed the magnitude of our ineptness at predicting the Maui Invitational after UNC shot the lights out from three and destroyed Mississippi State. Then Thanksgiving happened and a tryptophan-induced coma caused us to miss wrapping the whole tourney — which undoubtedly turned out different than we predicted.

    UNC, we thought, would put up a sloppy W over the Butler Bulldogs and face Illinois in the final. What happened was Butler unleashed a shooting clinic and led the Heels by 29 before a too-little, too-late comeback effort sparked by P.J. Hairston. Yes, P.J. HAIRSTON.

    Let’s get right to the formula and give you some takeaways from the tourney, as well as the return of SUPERLATIVES!


    • Roy is still fiddling with the lineup. We saw him start Desmond Hubert in the first two games, then start Joel James in the second half, then start Brice Johnson at the 4 against Chaminade. It seems that Paige, Strickland, Bullock and McAdoo are locked in, while that final starting spot is up for grabs. We like Brice Johnson the best of the three options we’ve seen. He brings a ton of energy and can score even with that wiry frame.
    • P.J. Hairston is stepping up. Hairston’s struggles last year have been well documented. He shot poorly and made dumb mistakes on the floor. This year he looks like a completely different player. He’s been averaging more than 10 ppg, and as we mentioned above, he put the team on his shoulders for a stretch in the Butler game. At one point in the second half, he put this sequence together, being the only contributor for the Heels in this span: Hairston 3-pointer; Hairston 3-pointer; Hairston drawn foul, two free throws; Hairston drawn charge. The 40-year-old Man Child has finally been awakened, we hope.
    • Teams are double-teaming James Michael McAdoo, like, all the time. It really frustrated him against Butler, and when he’s being taken out of the game, UNC struggles. The Heels have been shooting outside shots at a blistering clip, but the offense doesn’t get open looks without running through the post first.
    • About those 3-pointers. UNC is averaging more three-point attempts per game than Duke. Yes, you read that right. Through six games UNC has taken 134 attempts, and Duke has taken 118. This is obviously part of the game plan as the main culprits (Paige, Bullock, Hairston, McDonald) are all doghouse-free. For the first time in what seems like forever, it appears UNC will get a lot of its scoring from outside.
    • The freshmen are playing like freshmen. There have been some really nice moments for all of them. Paige has knocked down some shots, Johnson has been all around the rim, James has had some thunderous dunks and Tokoto leaped over a Mississippi State player so high for a rebound that he wasn’t called for over-the-back. Still, there has been a lack of focus and some dumb, freshmen-like turnovers to mix with the good. On the whole it seems like a really good class that just needs experience.
    Player of the Tournament: P.J. Hairston – P.J. took up the slack when McAdoo was struggling and has improved his shooting touch and aggressiveness. While we wouldn’t have thought this before the season, his absence against Indiana will really hurt the Heels.
    Stat of Note: UNC has taken 134 3-point attempts, averaging 22.3 per game. Roy’s teams usually average around 15 per game.
    Lack of Mac Attack: JMM only recorded one Mac Attack during the tourney (backcourt steal into dunk). He needs to bring back his signature move in a big way tonight.


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    Ol’ Roy: The Wayne Ellington Edition 


    Once again proving that he’s just an all-around nice guy, Roy Williams sent this text to Wayne Ellington after his 25 point outburst for the Memphis Grizzlies against the Miami Heat Sunday night. From Wayne Ellington’s Instagram feed:

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      Carolina family, like none other.

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    The Tudor Files 11.7.12 

    Caulton Tudor is a columnist for the Raleigh News & Observer and Charlotte Observer. According to his bio, he’s been writing for North Carolina papers for more than 30 years. If you’ve ever been around a sports desk, you know that the most senior guy in the room usually has his own column, and you are not allowed to question his column. Caulton is that guy at the N&O. Good thing we don’t work in newsrooms anymore! These are the Tudor Files……

    Caulton is paying attention to basketball again! It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our buddy in Raleigh. Other than a quick “I have no idea who will win the NCAA tourney” column, he’s been mostly focusing on football. Maybe he’s been focusing on football a bit too much, though? This one was just phoned in.

    One way or the other, this will be one of those benchmark basketball seasons for folks who believe Roy Williams wins big only when he can hit opposing teams over the head with a fistful of NBA first-round draft picks.

    This will be an important season to Roy’s haters whether or not UNC wins a lot of games.

    The North Carolina men’s basketball coach will begin his 10th season at his alma mater with only one player – sophomore forward James Michael McAdoo – rated as a certain first-rounder in the 2013 NBA draft.

    Junior wingman Reggie Bullock is listed by most of the scouting services as a likely first-rounder and several other Tar Heels are routed as eventual first-round possibilities.

    So to recap, this season is important for people who think Roy Williams can only win with lots of NBA talent. He only has one first-round NBA talent guy this year. But then again, he does have another first-round guy and several others who will be first-rounders…….EVENTUALLY.

    Caulton then goes on to say that because UNC lost so many players, Carolina fans are expecting a season like ’05-’06, when UNC outperformed expectations to make the tournament and win a game. Then comes this:

    But there’s one big difference. That 2005-06 team had freshman Tyler Hansbrough but barely stopped Murray State in its first NCAA tournament game before losing to George Mason.

    Clearly it was a masterful job by Williams, who was voted league coach of the year.

    There are so many things wrong with this passage. His “one big difference” here is describing what the ’05-’06 team did in the tournament. That’s not a difference. This year’s team hasn’t played a single game, let alone a tournament game. It’s kind of impossible to make that comparison. He hasn’t even defined some kind of expectations for this year’s Heels. What is this big difference?

    He then says that after barely beating a mid-major then losing to another mid-major that it was “clearly” a masterful job by Williams. So Roy is a good coach?

    Faced with a similar inexperience after Hansbrough led the 2009 team to an NCAA title, Williams provided his critics with some fodder when his 2010 team failed to land an NCAA bid and stumbled to 5-11 in the ACC.

    OHH, so he’s NOT a good coach? Either way, this season will be important to Roy’s haters.

    With a freshman – Marcus Paige – at point guard and a rebuilt interior, this North Carolina team more resembles 2009-10 than 2005-06. Unless, that is, McAdoo is a new Hansbrough.

    I kind of agree that this year’s squad is a little more like ’09-’10 because it doesn’t have any seniors like David Noel in the post. But this is just a ridiculous way of making a comparison. Larry Drew II, while inexperienced, was a sophomore when he started for ’09-’10. Bobby Frasor started his first game as a freshman…..for the ’05-’06 team. So by Caulton’s own logic, this year’s squad would actually be much more like that team.

    If the recruit rankings are on target, Williams’ talent pool is not overwhelming by past standards. …… No one in the group was rated as a top-25 player, much less top-10. 

    Except that the WORLDWIDE LEADER IN SPORTS has Marcus Paige at No. 22.

    This season will be an adventure for Williams, 62. On paper, he doesn’t have Final Four material. For that matter, he doesn’t really have regional top-four seed material.

    So on paper UNC doesn’t even have material to be in the top 16 teams? AP Preseason No. 11.  Coaches Preseason No. 12. 

    I hate this non-argument kind of column. He’s not saying that Roy is a good coach, though he says there’s some evidence to that theory. He’s not saying Roy is a bad coach, though there is some evidence to that theory. He’s just saying, “HEY GUYS, we’re going to add more evidence as to whether Roy is a good coach or bad coach THIS SEASON.” As if there was a season in which that wasn’t the case.  You could say he’s trying to put more stock in this season because Roy doesn’t have “a fistful of NBA talent,” except that he told us in the very beginning that this team does have a fistful of NBA talent. Dumb.


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    Roy Williams Tie Tracker: 2011-2012 Year in Review 

    One thing all UNC fans have come to know, love and expect of Roy Williams is his fashionable selection of ties, most often courtesy of Chapel Hill outfitter Alexander Julian. The same man who put the argyle on the side of the basketball uniform is still turning heads with what he’s putting around Ol’ Roy’s neck. So, here at The Rafters we decided to pay homage to the best accessory in college hoops, if not the entire sporting world, and document every tie Roy Williams wears this season.

    Sweet Sixteen: Ohio

    Elite Eight: Kansas


    We fell into a deep depression last spring after falling to the Jayhawks and never made it around to posting the last weekend of games in the NCAA tournament. Here they are in all their glory, and below is a slideshow of every game from the 2011-2012 season. Check below the fold for the game-by-game recap of ties.

    (More …)

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    Wrap-up: FSU dismantles hapless Heels 

    UNC 57, FSU 90

    Box Score

    For one half of basketball Saturday, it looked like UNC would get a nice road test. Yeah, at the close of half the Heels were down, but Tyler Zeller was playing great and Deividas Dulkys was shooting lights out. Surely FSU wouldn’t be able to keep this up for another 20 minutes right?

    Oh, how wrong.

    Dulkys himself continued the destruction going 8-10 from 3-point range on the day, notching a career high. I know it seems like Tar Heel fans are always complaining about someone going off for a career game against them, but COME ON! It happens EVERY year! I digress.

    Anyway, if you watched you know what happened. Carolina never put it together, and actually played worse in the second half, while Florida State couldn’t miss and scored a season-high 90 points. The questions about UNC’s toughness since Saturday are certainly warranted. What team with national title talent goes out and loses by 33 to an unranked team?

    There have also been many questions surrounding Roy’s decision to take his team off the court with 15 seconds left in the game before FSU students stormed the court. It’s the perfect fuel for a seasoned Roy hater like Pat Forde, but I think Stephen Schramm at the Fayetteville Observer takes a better line. Yeah, storming the court is part of college basketball, but as a coach who’s seen his share of court stormings — including this year at UNLV — Roy was thinking about the fact that it only takes one over-zealous fan or one slip-up before the narrative changes. It was unfortunate that the five players were left on the floor, and it you want to get mad at Roy, I guess I can’t argue why you shouldn’t. But him leaving his subs on the floor on purpose? It doesn’t add up. Even Forde admits that “Generally speaking, he has valued his subs and role players.” It was an honest mistake made in the heat of the moment.


    • UNC’s 3-point shooting woes have continued since the Miami game. The Heels shot a miserable 4-21 for a 19 percent clip. If you are reading this blog you have a pretty good chance of being able to hit 19 percent of your threes. The fact that they took so many was probably driven by the game score, but there is no reason for Kendall Marshall to take five treys. At least he hit one of them, though, as P.J. Hairston went 0-7.
    • Reggie Bullock got a huge minutes spike. Bullock played 23 minutes to Dexter Strickland’s 21, but I wouldn’t read too much into that. Bullock is a better shooter than Strick, and is a better defender than Hairston, so the jump was probably due to the game’s flow.
    • Tyler Zeller had some intensity. Z came to play and seemed he wasn’t going to let the Heels get routed by himself. Then the second half started. He still ended up with a good line for the game, and he fought well on the boards especially.
    • Maybe that nine-game homestand wasn’t such a good idea. It had to be concerting when players said in December that they sometimes struggled to stay focused against lesser competition. The long homestand couldn’t have helped set up the game Saturday.
    • Kendall Marshall had seven turnovers. For the first time in forever, Marshall had more turnovers than assists (4). When his players aren’t hitting their shots it’s going to affect that ratio, but seven turnovers is too many even if he had notched seven assists. The Heels need Marshall to have a cool head on the road, so this is a little troubling.
    • This was probably one of the worst Carolina games in recent memory. The complete lack of intensity by the Heels was disturbing. Carolina just doesn’t — read: shouldn’t — lose by 30. There was an unbelievable performance by Dulkys, yes, but say you reduce his 3-pointers to a typical 40 percent and it only reduced the Carolina deficit to 21 — still a blowout.


    Player of the Game and Stat Stuffer: Tyler Zeller (14 pts, 14 rebs, 4 blks, 1 stl) For much of the game he seemed to be the only one that gave a damn. He was out of his mind on blocks and rebounds. It’s too bad none of that carried over to the team.

  • bwineka 1:19 pm on December 5, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Roy Williams, ,   

    Roy Williams Tie Tracker: Kentucky 

    One thing all UNC fans have come to know, love and expect of Roy Williams is his fashionable selection of ties, most often courtesy of Chapel Hill outfitter Alexander Julian. The same man who put the argyle on the side of the basketball uniform is still turning heads with what he’s putting around Ol’ Roy’s neck. So, here at The Rafters we decided to pay homage to the best accessory in college hoops, if not the entire sporting world, and document every tie Roy Williams wears this season.

    We’ve the purple gradient before. It’s something to say the least.

    Here are this year’s stats:

    Media Day – Pink tie with blue flowers and green dots, white shirt and pinstriped suit.

    Late Night with Roy – Carolina blue tie with red and white diagonal stripes, pink shirt and white pocket square.

    Exhibition, UNC-Pembroke, W 100-58 – Purple and teal square pattern tie with lavender shirt and patterned coat.

    Michigan State, W 67-55 – No tie, blue polo, khaki pullover and combat boots with UNC-Carrier Classic logo.

    UNC-Asheville, W 91-75 – Orange tie with yellow pattern, blue shirt and blue pocket square.

    Mississippi Valley State, W 101-75 – Yellow tie with orange, purple, blue and green pattern, white pocket square, grey pinstriped suit and Eve Carson lapel pin.

    Tennessee State, W 102-69 – Carolina blue tie with red and white diagonal stripes and white pocket square.

    South Carolina, W 87-62 – ?

    UNLV, L 80-90 – Grey tie with red squares and blue diagonal stripes, white shirt, blue crosshatched jacket and no pocket square.

    Wisconsin, W 60-57 - Very light Carolina blue tie with white pocket square, white and Carolina blue vertically striped shirt and pinstriped suit.

    Kentucky, L 72-73 - Purple gradient tie with pink square accents with white pocket square.

    (Photos via N&O)

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