The Rafter Podcast Episode 4

After a Thanksgiving full of gluttony we decided to trim the fat on more things than just gamey birds.

Coming in at our shortest podcast of the year, Episode 4 covers a lot of ground. Maui, our take on Roy’s coaching and we even pretend to be experts as we go through our picks for the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

Better yet, we introduce our friend Hank Hill, propane and propane accessory salesman, as well as a segment we’ve dubbed, “Hang a Banner.”

Enjoy and for you to debate at your leisure, here are our Challenge picks.

Sam’s Winners: ACC (6) –  FSU, Maryland, Clemson, Miami, BC, Duke;  Big10 (6) – Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois

Benn’s Winners: ACC (6) –  FSU, Maryland, Clemson, North Carolina State, Wake Forest, Duke;  Big10 (6) – Iowa, Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Illinois, Penn State