The Rafters: Dadgum Idiots Since 2009

Your humble Rafters bloggers have been mentioned in the press – by their own father.

A comment on Roy’s comment – which was very likely directed toward our site: We take  great pride in being known as “dadgum idiots” for tracking his sartorial exploits. It’s a way for us to connect to our coach and our team that also provides us with an easy excuse for any loss – the wrong tie. We know it’s just basketball, but it’s basketball that’s aired on television and played in front of huge crowds. We love that our coach represents our alma mater with such style, flair and polish (Thesaurus words).

As much as we insist we know about basketball, we’re not the Hall of Fame coach Roy is, but at least we can offer our opinions on his on-court chic (another Thesaurus word) and hope that maybe he’s actually paying attention. We can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that somewhere deep in the back of Roy’s head, he’s taking note of his neckwear and putting in a little extra effort.

Go Heels!