The Rafters Podcast Episode 10



While the talking heads were debating whether or not Notre Dame could get themselves out of the first half hole they dug themselves against Alabama in the BCS National Championship, The Rafters was busy podding up a storm for the major milestone that is the tenth episode of the lowest syndicated* UNC basketball podcast. Woohoo!

Sam’s on vacation in the glorious Rocky Mountains so we only chatted about the Virginia Cavaliers debacle, and man did it get morose. We were trying to keep it all upbeat and stuff considering but now we just feel like a bunch of Fightin’ Irish fans (too soon?).

We took the time to talk Reggie Bullock and what his impact on the court is-positive or negative-and what the Tar Heels could maybe do to turn the extremely young ACC season around. We’re not pushing the panic button yet for UNC, but we are pretty worried.

And what does Leslie McDonald have to say about North Carolina? If you can find him, let us know. Tune in next week for the less eventful but more factual episode 11. Same pod site, same pod feed.

*Stat made up, probably not far off.