The Rafters Podcast Episode 12


Late edition of the podcast means rapid reactions from the Georgia Tech game. All in all? We felt pretty good about it.

Of course that’s factoring in the Duke-Miami game that occurred right before the UNC contest and the Tuesday night NC State L. It’s a GDTBATH.

The rest of the episode has quality stuff. We’re going to go ahead and say it’s our best episode yet. After wrapping up the Yellow Jackets we went a little ways back and covered Maryland which we neglected before and dissected what Chad Ford thinks about the Tar Heels and how well Roy Williams recruits and coaches up the boys. Spoiler alert: we disagree with what he thinks.

Those UNC Nike Hyper Elite jerseys  the Heels are pegged to wear came up as did T.J. Warren and Thomas “MegaHorse” De Thaey throwing shade at Wolfpack coach Mark Gottfried over Twitter.

What we’re most proud of though? Two things. While chatting about recruits and commitments for the class of 2013 and 2014, we gave Andrew Wiggens the best nickname in the world. And we think it’s going to stick. We’ll reveal it later, but for the exclusive debut for the greatest nickname in recruiting history listen to the pod. Seriously, it’s like the best nickname ever and he should wear it with pride. It also wouldn’t look bad on the back of a Carolina blue jersey.

The other thing we’re proud of? We totally killed a spider live on air all in the name of love. Don’t say The Rafter Podcast isn’t a romantic.