The Rafters Podcast Episode 13


Another late night edition of the only UNC basketball podcast worth listening to. That means be prepared for some incoherent thoughts and on-air realizations. It’s amazing how honest you are at 1 a.m.

After watching the Tar Heels finish off the Boston College Eagles we waxed nostalgic about Saturday’s loss to NC State and how it is nice that the Wolfpack is relevant again. Speaking of the rivalry, how is that holding up? Are we calling them rivals again? Discuss! Or just listen to us discuss.

Moving back to more recent history we did some of those rapid reactions from Chestnut Hill via Atlanta and Washington D.C.. We lament the loss of P.J. Hairston and critique the rest of the squad. Mostly though we’re critiquing all of y’all on Twitter for calling for Dexter Strickland’s head. We have some truth that might mess you up.

Lastly we take a look ahead to what North Carolina needs to do to make the NCAA tournament. Yeah, this is the first time we’ve done so and it may surprise you with what we came up with.