The Rafters Podcast Episode 6

We happen to be having some server issues with our podcast host so in the meantime we’re serving up this delicious sixth episode of the pod in video form (just click to picture to play). Woohoo!

Updated: Servers are back up and a go. Stream/download Episode 6 below.

I’m sure you’re well aware of the fact that it was a slow week in UNC basketball news due to finals but that doesn’t mean we didn’t find a way to fill up an hour very quickly. Actually it took us an hour to fill it up. And what’s with the double negative? Sheesh.

We chat about what we liked (JP’s dunks) and didn’t like (the second half) about the East Tennesse State game, our thoughts on how self-aware DMX really is, that crazy plan to have four simultaneous games to kickoff the 2013-2014 NCAABB season and some interesting news from Reggie Bullock’s Instagram feed.

The real story from the pod though is the BEST MICHAEL JORDAN QUOTE EVER!!!! No hyperbole. Seriously, you need to hear what MJ said about what he considered “stealth.” We can’t even build up how great it is.

We decided to be real smart-like and dedicate this pod to Dave Brubeck who passed away last week. You’re treated to both “Take Five” and “Rondo a la Turk.”

There’s seriously a lot to digest this week. Especially considering what’s coming up on Wednesday: our Nashville inspired power rankings, and – SPOILER ALERT – FSU will be Coleman Carlisle.