The Rafters Podcast Episode 9

UNC Basketball Podcast Episode9

After a New Year’s delay we’re ringing in 2013 on a high note. Both Rafters editors were in Chapel Hill for the UNLV game and we have a lot to say, even after we said a lot already.

Sam is over his fantasy football championship defeat at the virtual hands of Benn so he’s in a more talkative mood than last week. He goes off on Jerry Palm, Joe Lunardi, CBS, ESPN and anyone else that makes Bracketology a thing.

We both go in on all those college basketball hipsters trying to make the Kentucky-Louisville rivalry bigger than it is, which is obviously untrue. We even think there’s another midwestern CBB rivalry that may be more exciting.

Lastly we cash in on the New Year’s click grab and make some resolutions for UNC basketball and the Carolina coaching staff.

Listen to what we consider the best UNC basketball podcast for your money. But if you paid any money you’re getting ripped off.