The Silver Jersey Experiment

This didn’t go over so well.

While the jersey ended up being different than what was originally guessed, it did not look great. Instead of the stylized silver version of a 1982 jersey, we were treated to a silver version of the away uniform. Plus the only colors were silver and white, meaning the argyle down the panels was more bland than usual.

In this shot of John  you can get a feel of the whole outfit with the silver Jordan 2010s that some players elected to wear.

In case you needed a better understanding of why we wore said jersey, it was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Jordan Brand. (Bonus fact: the signature Jordans stopped being numbered at 23, hence why the shoes the Boys wore tonight are 2010s, not 25s) Georgetown and California will also wear special silver jerseys like Carolina did tonight.

Really, I was bummed when I saw the unis. A lot of people weren’t excited about the other first jersey, but compared to these, it is a big step up.

Did anyone else notice how the text on the jerseys reflected like 3M material on running shoes? The numbers on the back weren’t so bad, but several time the light from the TV cameras just blurred all the font.

Here’s a good look at the shoe. Wish we could have worked some argyle into that clear window.

If you need more pictures, courtesy of the N&O and TarHeelBlue:

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